Oh, god... This is probably the oldest poem I have on record. I wrote it when I was eleven. It's mainly written as a joke, so... This summarizes what my sense of humor was like three years ago. Enjoy!


This is the only emotion
I am capable of feeling
The terror swallows me whole.
I am filled to the brim with it.

It is that time of day again.
The time where I am tortured.
Why? Why must I live this tortured existence?
Was it something I had done in a past life?

Oh no. No. They're here.
Two gigantic beings come into the torture chamber,
both enormous in comparison to my own small figure.
Painfully loud noises claw at my eardrums, until finally…


A soundless scream escapes my mouth; it was too much to bear.
Scorching hot liquid encases my body.
Multiple fangs slash my pallid skin.
Their cruel laughter reverberates in my head.

After a thousand centuries, the pain ends
Relief floods my soul and body, yet it is not to last.
It will only happen again tomorrow.

There was her.
The two year old baby; a natural born predator.

And then there was me.
The rubber duck, poor and defenseless, sitting in the bathtub.

Because life as a rubber duck just isn't very fun.

Okay, okay, I know it was dumb. XD But when I was eleven I thought it was the cleverest thing ever.