I keep wishing he had chosen to stay

Not to blend into the night and fade away

Please! Stay! Help me make sense of it all!

For, why do I continue to fall?

Why do I look at you that way…

My heart races at what you say….

At inopportune moments I actually lust after for you

I think about how you kiss me

How you hold me

Sometimes I feel clueless and don't know what to do.

Are you fucking with me? (nervous laugh)

Or are you doing this to have a chance to fuck me?

Am I a blow up doll to you?

Fast and free?

A courtesan?

Someone only for you who can be sexy and sweet?

Why do I continue to fall for you?

Maybe it's because

Your voice is calming, and sweet

You have the ability, to quite literally sweep me off my feet.

I relax magically around you

I have a desire to put my trust in you

You have a sadness in you that I can see,

From what I can tell

You keep it close and hide it well

No matter what I do, you get nervous when you share

And all I could do for you is care.

Even when I watched you leave, I hoped you would still be there

Because for a slight moment I saw that you truly did care..