"Sat With The Yaa" by Alexander the Greater, October 2011

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of a fiction. Any resemblance to real characters is of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Mana, the Zoo Keeper, makes a confession to his wife.

Sat With The Yaa

Mana Aryan was stretched on the bed, feeling hot. His wife noticed he was upset and switched the lights on. It was four thirty in the morning. Cicadas were musing outside of their humble home.

- Is there something wrong honey?, his wife offered, watching the poisonous spider crawl behind the small chest.

- Oh God ..., he covered his face with his hands, controlling the urge to weep like a small child.

- What ... darling?, his wife caressed him, whispering some soft words to his ear.

- They ..., he stared at the ceiling, ... they have threatened to kill me and my family if I tell anyone ...

There was a pause where his wife, understanding how dangerous it could be should he tell anyone, kept her silence.

- Ever since the Zoo Garden's Management Board placed me in the day shift, I thought I would have those nightmares no more ... His wife kissed him gently. But even in the evening, just before I get resolved by the following shift, they ..., he covered his eyes, ...they still bring them.

- Bring who? New animals? She waited for a while. So that the children would not know what new animals will be the next day? Like a surprise?, she offered innocently.

- NO!, Mana turned towards his wife with blood shot eyes, bags underneath them indicating he had plenty of sleepless nights. They bring CHILDREN!

- Oh ..., his wife looked aside, ... perhaps those children can't afford to pay the ticket and the Zoo Garden Manager is benevolent, so ...?

- Don't you see?, Mana was now upset and angry that his wife with whom he had three children could not "read in between the lines". They don't bring them because they want them to see the animals but because ...

- Oh!, she rose, her heart pounding faster. Oh ... don't tell me!

- But I must!, Mana rose from his bed, walking towards his wife. Please! I MUST tell SOMEBODY or I'll go CRAZY!

- No! No! NO! I don't want to hear it!, she turned towards the wall, covering her face as if she was listening by her eyes, not ears.

- Those who refuse to pay the requested sum to "narco criminals", they ...

- Oh, God ..., his wife started to sob and shake all over. Mana hugged her from behind.

- ... they kidnap their children and then ..., Mana started to cry now openly, ... they made me agree to it! Recording everything on some video devices! Perhaps even live streaming for some private TVs! He was quivering all over now, his wife turned swiftly around, embracing him. It was terrible to watch all that! Tigers, lions, hyenas, wild dogs, crocodiles ... almost all of the carnivores in the Zoo Garden! He shook some more. But I couldn't stop them, you understand me? For the sake of our own children!

Two of their children, awakened by the noise, peeked into the room and, after seeing their parents hugging each other, came and joined them. All four of them were embraced now as if about to be shot by someone.

Next day there were some riots in the Zoo Garden and the police shot Mana. The official report was that Mana was shot by accident. Human error, that is.