There was an awkward silence in the corridor. At least, there was until the party on the floor below switched on their music.

"Well, that explains why nobody's at our floor party" said Theo. She pushed her blonde hair behind her ear and opened a beer. Sandy sighed and started taking the ribbons down.

"Don't start packing away now! Someone might come!" cried Mel. Sandy dropped the ribbons into the nearest bin and continued down the corridor, knocking on doors as she went.

"They're all downstairs and you notice we weren't invited" she said. Mel added her own sigh and helped them tidy up.

"What are we gonna do with all this beer? And all this food?" she said. Theo was carrying the cases of beer and the bowls of food into her room.

"We drink it and we eat it and we watch dodgy films all night" she called over her shoulder. Mel and Sandy stared at each other for a moment before breaking into huge grins. They left the decorations and dashed into Theo's room before she drank all the beer.

Two cases later, all three women had forgotten about not being invited to the party downstairs. They were having enough fun up here, Theo invited Mel to stay with her and Sandy as her roommate was bound to be roaring drunk when she got back from the party. Someone knocked on the door and Theo stumbled to her feet, she wobbled across the room and managed to head-butt the door before she got it open.

"Jesus Christ kid. How many have you had?" Theo blinked to clear her vision and just managed to make out two familiar faces before dropping to the floor in a giggle fit. Howard and Stu stepped over her and crossed the room, helping themselves to beer.

"Starting without us?" asked Stu. He flopped onto the sofa and laid his head on Sandy's lap. Howard lifted Theo to her feet and plonked her in the nearest chair.

"We thought you'd be downstairs" she said, her voice was surprisingly clear through the alcoholic fog.

"Nah. It's more fun up here, besides I wanted to ask you ladies something" said Stu, his eyes never leaving Sandy's chest.

"Stu, I told you already. It's a load of crap. You only want it to be true because your grades are shite" snapped Howard. He sat next to Mel and handed her a beer, she managed to take it on the third try.

"What do you want to ask?" asked Theo. She tipped sideways onto the floor and crawled across the room, sitting on the floor in front of them.

"Have you ever heard of The Suicide Rule?" asked Stu. Mel frowned and hiccupped.

"It's an urban legend isn't it? If your roomy dies then you get straight A's for the rest of the year to make up for your mental anguish or some such shit" she said, resting her head on Howard's shoulders.

"That's exactly what I told him but he didn't listen. Besides, you ain't getting the drop on me mate" said Howard, finally managing to smile. He slipped his hand into Mel's and squeezed and she felt her heart flutter a little.

"I can get the drop on you anytime, pal. Anyway, I don't need help with my grades" said Stu; he glared as Howard gave a snort of laughter. Theo raised her head and asked Howard about a poster she had seen in their room. With the subject successfully changed, the evening continued to its logical conclusion. Namely, vast amounts of vomit and very large headaches in the morning.