Cupid's Mistake

Summary: Cupid gets shot with his own arrow while trying to bring his latest couple together. M/F

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Fantasy

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Author's Note: My straight erotica one-shot about Cupid. I hope you enjoy it, forgive me for mistakes. Please review – I can (and will) take any (friendly) criticism thrown my way.

Cupid's Mistake

I'm Cupid – though not the Cupid you'd expect. I'm not the little chubby, naked flying baby everyone thinks I am. Well, the naked part is correct, but I'm hundreds of years old – though I look not a day over 25. I work hard to stay in shape, and my hundred years have paid off – I have rippling abs and muscular arms and legs. I also had really curly blonde hair, and sky blue eyes that looked almost white.

I had a pair of wings that I could elongate or shrink. Right now, because I was hovering over one human girl, I had them as small as possible.

She must of have almost been psychic, because she kept looking around; she felt me watching her, though no humans short of a psychic could see me. I had my bow ready. My arrows sat patiently in a case strapped to my back. Once I found a match for her I'd get out an arrow and attack.

She was a busty woman – maybe in her early thirties, with a C-cup that most men would kill for and a slender waist men loved to put their hands on. Why was she single? Because she was too pretty for men to take seriously. It wasn't her fault – her beauty cursed her.

A man in his early thirties with a nice muscular build and a handsome face strolled into the bookstore at that moment. He was interested in the fantasy books, so he blew right past the magazines, where my lady was at.

"Okay, Sasha," I said, pulling an arrow and stringing it up to my bow, "prepare to meet your man!"

I shot. Sasha turned right as I fired, and the arrow went right in between her plump breasts. She gasped as it went through her chest and instead of coming out the other end disappearing inside of her. She stumbled back a bit. Then she reached for her chest and cupped her breasts. She threw back her head and moaned softly while feeling herself.

That meant she was sexually starving. Once I shot her man – Irving – they'd probably feel the end to fuck in the bathroom, because she was hungry and he was a big man. Irving was single because he didn't seem to want to settle the fuck down. I think Sasha would be a good woman for him to tie the knot with.

I watched her feelings herself – she wanted it badly – and I felt myself grow warm. Her hands on her chest, rubbing and massaging like that, it was erotic. The hot went from my eyes down to my penis. I was hard in no time. Maybe if I were lucky she'd start masturbating right there. It's happened before.

I looked at Irving, who was absorbed in the latest issue of guns and ammo. I got another arrow, pulled it back, and fired at him. The arrow soared through the air, and it would have hit if a couple – who were already in love – didn't get in the way.

The arrow bounced off them and came spinning back towards me. I gasped. There was no time to dodge.

It went right into my stomach and I doubled over.

Sasha jolted, her eyes looking cloudy at first, and then they came into focus – on me.

She looked at me with shock, and then with lust. She eyes went down to my penis, standing stiff and ready, and she licked her lips. A chill ran down my spine. She mouthed the words, do you want me?

I slowly nodded. Damn it, that arrow wasn't going to let me say no, was it? I nodded and I kept on nodding. She put out her hand and motioned with one finger for me to follow.

I should have shot Irving in the ass – I could still do it – but my love arrow wouldn't allow me to take my eyes off Sasha. If I hadn't been turned on by her then my arrow wouldn't have affected me.

But I was turned on. Very turned on. I still was. I could see her now, in the bathroom, sitting on the countertop, her jeans gone, her panties down to her ankles, her legs spread wide, giving me a full view of that nice pussy.

The tip of my penis dripped with pre-cum.

I floated into the bathroom with her and she turned and locked the door behind me. I went down to the ground, dropping my bow, and I went to her. She was unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it off and showed me her breasts, though they were still held back by her bra.

I went to her, hands out, and I cupped her breasts. I massaged her boobs the way she was doing it. In an animalistic moment I ripped her bra clean off, I picked her up, and I threw her on the counter. She gasped at my sudden brutality, but it wasn't a scared gasp; it was an erotic gasp.

She arched her back, sticking her chest out to me, and I came in, wrapping my arm around her slender waist, and I pulled her closer. I started kissing her so roughly, and she loved it. She kiss back, reaching into my blonde curls and moaned as my tongue lashed about in her mouth.

I moved down to her breasts, taking one, cupping it, and sucking at it. I pulled away, giving one quick lick, before moving to her other boob and suckling again. She hugged my head to her chest and moaned. She opened her legs to me, my hardness pressed to her covered pussy.

I reached down and opened her jeans, and jerked them off her legs. She gave a small shriek. She was wet and ready for me, and oh was I ready for her. Both of our sex organs throbbed. I was filled with intense passion and heat.

It was the arrow. Damn it, I needed to get away. I needed to shoot Irving. Once she got a taste for my immortal cock she'd never be satisfied again – it would drive her to insanity.

That's why the gods don't have sex with mortals any longer – it's truly dangerous.

If I was responsible for her going mad and ultimate for her death, Zeus would have me whipped for 50 years. And not in a kinky, erotic way either.

I pulled her panties off and crouched down. I licked at her cunt, lapping up the juices like I'd lick an ice cream cone. Loving her feminine taste. I stood up, getting ready for the first thrust. She wrapped her arms around my neck and waited – when I hesitated she pushed herself against me.

Her lower lips seemed to grip at my penis. I felt her, wet and slick, slid up my length, sending erotic shivers down my spine. I moaned deeply. She was winning, damn it.

I reached down to get myself situated.

She moaned again.

I could stop this. I could stop this is I could just break away.

Break away!

I suddenly kissed her, so forceful. I pushed her back with my mouth. I stepped away, creating distance between us. I flew away, going right to my bow. I grabbed it and went to the door.

She grabbed me leg, slowing me down, crying out to me to finish. I flew to the door, she dragging behind me. I reached for the lock. I unlocked it. I reached for the handle and forced the door opened.

Irving was on his way to the men's room. He was right across from us. He looked up – right through me – to the naked Sasha, who looked like a mad woman. I braced the door with my body, pulled an arrow, as she pulled and Irving stared at her.

She must have looked so crazy.

I pulled the string back, right towards his heart, and he continued to stare.

I fired.

It flew through him like it flew through her. He jolted and instead of his chest he groped his crouch. He fondled himself hard and moaned the entire time, while watching Sasha.

I faded from her sight and she could only see him. Irving walked into the room, and she let go of me. Their eyes locked into each other. I flew up to the corner of the room and watched.

He unzipped his fly and pulled his penis out. She reached down, cupping it in both hands, and he moaned. He grabbed her by the arms, pushed her up against the wall. He lifted her, put his penis to her gapping pussy, and thrust in. She cried out.

Finally, she thought, and he thrust into her while licking her breasts. She wrapped her arms around his hand and cried out.

I watched as he sped up the pace, both moaning loudly, with every thrust, and finally he cried out, coming right inside her. They both let out a scream as both reached their orgasms.

I sighed. With a glance downward I knew I was calmed down and I was going to be okay. For now. I still really needed something to fuck.

"My name's Irving. What's yours?" asked Irving.

"Sasha," she said.

He smiled, coming in for a kiss. "You know what, Sasha? I think I kinda love you." He gave her a gentle kiss, not hot, urgent, and horny, but soft, sensual, and passionate.

I couldn't help but smile at them.

When they broke contact Sasha sighed. She put her hands on his chest and looked into his eyes.

"You know what, Irving?"


"I think I love you too."