Hey. Well. I am fairly certain no-one reads the stuff on here any more, so I feel safe enough posting this. I am a terrible poet, which will probably not entice you into reading this...but anyway, voici, as our French cousins would say. I omitted the punctuation less because I was being a poncy arse (though that too ;D), and more because I'd been reading a wee bit of The Epic of Gilgamesh and I am really quite susceptible to external influences...


Flowers of Jasmine Dogrose Periwinkle
We will lay these at your temple every morning
And one day Colossus you will catch their scent and find us
Nights beyond counting we have stood on the roof of your temple and called you
Shouting shouting long into the night
Until our echoes became another voice
And we thought it was yours
We have watched the sunlight at dawn as it breaks upon the waters around this island
As it melts those waves until all that is left is a sea of bronze of solid bronze
And we beat our fists upon it and hoped the reverberations would carry across the blind gulf
You are gone from this place
You are missing from here and our cries and our
Crying will not reach you
We shall hold the thought that is you and it will become you
We will wait for you always
For you are all time
You are all space
And we cannot imagine life