Elsie's Vampire Chapter 1

Elsie felt cold walking along the sparesly lit cobblestone street in spectre-shire, the local council had not gotten around to installing new gas lamps.
She regretted going to the party so late, to find everyone at home in bed asleep,
she looked up at the cathedral clock tower to chance a look at the time in the rapidly descending fog,
Its kinda weird she thought aloud tis the middle o summer Always cold an lotss o fog when IM out! Elsie spun around to face the speaker but no one s there perhaps I m imagining things Oh no...IM quit REAL the voice said again Elsie spun to see a dark figure glide soundlessly from the cathedral roof w-what do y-you want? Elsie stuttered WANT? Hmm, maybe something warm and oh i can taste it already...your veins are pulsing mmm, you are scared! I can smell it she gleamed Elsie couldn t move nor breathe; she was mortified of the figure in front of her. She noticed little white fangs slide from her captors jaw.
y-you re a vampire! Elsie practically screamed the one and only she admitted, graciously curtsying tell me ELSIE, how does it feel to know death is staring you in the face?" She asked VAMPIRE Elsie repeated Answer my question Elsie I m growing impatient the vampiress slid her hand around the back of Elsie s neck,
bringing her teeth closer to the exposed flesh.
Cold... Elsie whispered then collapsed to the Vampiress embrace her limp body falling to the ground.
as always the vampiress muttered picking up the body, she leapt to the cathedral roof and was gone.

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-Sneak Preview-
Chapter 2

Elsie awoke covered in sweat, she tried to roll over and fell onto the marble floor.
"where am i?" she whispered to herself, the room seemed to grow dimmer as footsteps echoed down the hall.
Elsi hid behind the pedastole she was previously resting on, "Elsie? Are you playing games with me?" a voice quested down into the chamber.

-End Preview-