Mmm the last part is kind of random. It's just some quotes from some friends that seemed kind of interesting to put in.

Every minute with you was heaven.

Except those last few.

But I have become a better Titanic.

One that will not sink,

I do not sink.

I will not let your latest poison

become miasmatic..

My memories will stay pure.

I have loved.

And I did not win. But lack of success does not necessarily account to failure.

I have loved, but I don't think I lost.

I loved a girl once. Now she lives in the country and is dating a guy in the Coast Guard. He couldn't get into the Navy.

I loved him once, but he kinda turned into a douchebag since I last saw him.

Yeah, I guess I loved him once, but he cheated on me with eight-plus girls! I wish I hadn't.

Loved her once. Not anymore. I feel kinda bad, you know?

You fall in love tons of times, kid. But not all of them will be right. I'm still waiting to find the right one