"My Name is Charlie Trueman. I'm about to tell my boyfriend that I used to be a boy."

That's the beginning of one of the chapters in the online comic called 'Khaos Komix'. Charlie is a college student and a transgender. Before when he was younger he exhibited signs of being effeminate. He wore girls clothing, and helped his mother out with making costumes. Growing up he always felt out of place. At first in high school he thought he was just gay, but he began experimenting with girls clothes.

This didn't sit well with his classmates. Eventually he was ganged up on and almost beat to death. After this incident he moved away and at his new school introduced himself as a girl.

I will never understand why people would be opposed to transgenders. Ultra religious conservatives have their reasons. Something about defiling the body GOD gave you. Being transgendered doesn't mean you're not human, just that maybe you were given the wrong body. Mother Nature isn't perfect, nor is she fair. (If you're a girl reading this you know what I mean)

Charlie, grew up feeling gross. He didn't like the changes his body went through. Why can't he have the right to change himself? Women, who can afford it, go and put themselves through risky elective surgeries and poison their bodies with botox just to stay looking young. Yet a young boy, who realizes who he really is can't be allowed to fix himself? Also put him through the wringer by saying he's "gay" or a "fag". I mean technically if he's sees himself as a woman, and he likes guys, wouldn't he be straight? That's just how I see it, it 's not really my area of expertise, but that makes sense to me. So for those of you out there who are homophobes and say that 'Charlie' is gay, need to get your facts straight or back off.

Before Charlie's story, which is currently unfinished, there was 'Tom' previously known as Maria. She hated her body. She also didn't think she was in the right body. On top of that she was a tomboy so everyone nicknamed her 'Tom'. Tom kind of went through teenage life on auto pilot not really caring what happened to her, until she got the wake up call.

She accidently slept with a guy when she got drunk. She rushed to the hospital to get the day after pill only for the nurse to tell her: "I'm sorry sir, but were only allowed to give out emergency contraception to the actual woman who needs it." To which Tom responded: " For F***'s Sake! Look lady do I need to show you physical proofs that I'm a woman or can you direct me to someone who can give me the pill and a STD test?" After that she never drank again. She cut her hair and took up martial arts to become stronger. After this she looked more like a boy than before. Despite her physical change she till liked men, but as she put it " I like men, in a gay way."

The comic site gave me some links that directed me to some sites that were in support of the trans community. One of the sites gave me a list of transgenders who had died over the years from hate crimes. The list stretched pages. Part of me felt disgust. Some were just simple "shot to the back", or written off as suicides. After reading about how some of them died I very much doubt that some them were suicides, just from how the bodies were found, and the their treatment before they died. I felt queasy thinking that this could happen to anyone, all it took was to step out of the lines society had made for you and you were a human target for hate. That can include marrying/dating someone outside of your race, loving someone of the same gender.

Now according to some parents when their son or daughter come out, it's just a "phase" . So then of course we have to hide who we really are during are teenage years, the years that we're supposed to be using to find out who we are. Figuring what we stand for and what we believe in, it doesn't help if we're being denied the right to establish our sexuality. That's why I admire the artist and writer of Khaos Komix, Tab Kimpton . He tells the truth. When someone asked why there were so many gay people in his stories in the FAQ's he stated: " I write stories about people who sit outside the hetro norm. If you want stories about straight people I suggest going to any bookstore and picking up pretty much ANY book. There are plenty of straight people in this world, I'm just not writing about them this time." He has a point that in today's society with all the literature out there, you don't find many stories that talk about gay/lesbian couples or even transgenders.

They're people too. Just different just like everyone else in world is different, why should they be treated like freaks?

"One day I'll grow up to be a beautiful woman, but for today I am a boy." – Antony and The Johnsons 'For Today I am a Boy'