Unheard voices, unspoken words, unseen sights,

All of the memories that could have been,

Drifting throughout time, untouched.

Mere illusions to those that cannot truly have,

Sorrows for those who did not have the chance,

Cherished feelings for those who have lived their lives.

Confusion finally setting in with the white mist you lost yourself to.

Only loneliness, only darkness, standing in the middle of nowhere.

Visions of light taunting you to the point of giving up,

But your dreams still continue to push you forward.

Fighting through fear, diving into the abyss head first,

All for the sake of the answers you seek.

Parting ways for only a moment,

Listening to the frozen white screams under the confusion of the rising moon,

The time to embrace each other is drawing near,

The time to survive is now.

Just to be close to you, just to feel the same pain, just to understand.

The warmth trailing from your body leaves you agonizing in the night.

Your fingers tangled with the colorless strings of hope and despair,

Unable to tell them apart.

Unforgiven, unwanted, unknown.

Approaching the warmth that once lit your way.

Stories unfolding into the color of a blood-red sky.

Silently breaking through the walls brought up by betrayal.

Under the confusion of the setting sun,

Soon the eyes of Fate will open and cast its deceiving shadow on you,

The never ending dream can finally come true.

Holding onto my hand, holding back the tears, holding onto what's left.

No matter what you see, or hear, or touch, you continue to fall.

Only in a world you create, can you feel each other's warmth.

Your story eternally etched in stone,

As you vanish into light.