27th October


With loyalty through trouble

I seek to find my way

I'm growing with each moment

And learning with each day

But sacrifice with courage

Will sap the strongest heart

Alone I cannot make it

So each must play a part

Alone I surely perish

Although I bear the flag

I every moment cherish

But feet begin to lag

The burden grows more heavy

With every step I take

I look to those who follow

To bear on in my wake

I was not made commander

Although you seek my lead

I cheerfully will carry

But also intercede

Do not, I pray you, trifle

With things of high estate

Once lost is not recovered

And naught will compensate

If fallen by the wayside

I'm wounded and made weak

What will ye then, my students

Who makes thee then complete?

Will thou stoop to bear me

And seek to carry on

With faces turned to heaven

God's grace to fall upon?

Or blinded without guidance

Will you stumble by the way

Forgetting all my wisdom

To spurn your coming day?

My wisdom trust, I grant you!

I speak with honest truth

But still I am not perfect

Look also on my youth!

For I am just a woman

Not humble, nor yet wise

And I might give thee error

Within another guise

God did not give me to you

To take away your part

So look to thine OWN journey

And look to thine OWN heart!