Buffy Chase had never been one to follow the crowd and she was extremely lazy. So while all her mates were going out and finding jobs in retail she had decided to stick with babysitting. Now that she had her own car, she could branch out and charge for petrol money too. Buffy only ever babysat at the big houses in town. Everyone thought it was because she was a snob but that couldn't be further from the truth. Once the brats were tucked up in their huge beds for the night, she had the run of the house. Food, clothes, spare change and expensive perfumes were all hers for the siphoning.

On a bright, shining Saturday in the middle of May, Buffy hurried down the street to the local café. She'd had a good haul at last night's babysitting job and she was going to treat herself to a huge breakfast. Buffy pushed open the door and her grin grew wider, the one and only love of her life was sitting at their usual table. David Kersch looked up from his paper and smiled as she wandered over to him, Buffy sat opposite and he kissed her hand.

"Hello my love" he said. Buffy placed her order and turned back to David.

"Hiya. Do you wanna do something tomorrow? I'm working tonight but I'm free for the rest of the week" asked Buffy. David closed his paper and threw it to one side.

"Don't see why not. Who are you sitting for tonight?"

"The name's Landau. You know that huge pink monstrosity of a house on Baden Hill? They live there." David almost choked on his tea; he wiped his chin with a napkin.

"You can't go there. Didn't you know? The last four girls that had babysitting jobs at that place are in the frigging loony bin!" Buffy stared at him for a moment, she thought he was joking but his face remained deadly serious. They both jumped as their food was placed on the table before them. Buffy shook her head and smiled, unwrapping her cutlery from the serviette.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. I've been driven a lot of places but I've yet to find the person that can drive me round the bend!" David was still staring at her, his eyebrows were drawn together and there was worry in his eyes. Buffy dropped her gaze and started eating her breakfast. The Landau house was the biggest one she had ever gone to and she wasn't giving it away to someone else because of some stupid rumour.

They finished their breakfast and walked out into the sunny morning. Buffy held David's hand but she could feel how tense he was and when he cleared his throat, she knew what was coming.

"I don't want you to go to that house. You don't need the money anymore and you have lots of other jobs on. We could have a quiet night in and you could just tell them that you're sick and -" David stopped. Buffy was gazing up at him with big, crystalline green eyes and he knew he didn't have a hope in Hell of convincing her not to go. Buffy had a mind of her own and that was one of the things that had attracted him to her. But sometimes, David wished that Buffy could be a little more of a follower and let him lead for a bit.

"Just take your mobile and call me every bloody hour, okay?" Buffy beamed at him, she threw her deep red curls over her shoulder and flung her arms around his neck.

"I'll be fine, Davey. I promise" she whispered. David would have to be satisfied with that but he still had a vague feeling in his gut that this was the last time he would see her.