When the police arrived, they were just a few seconds behind David. They could hear loud screaming from inside and decided it was better to break down the door. They dashed inside and up the stairs to the study; an officer stepped into the room and frowned in confusion. Buffy was sitting in the corner of the room, her face was pale and her eyes were glazed and empty. She continued to scream even after David had tried to talk to her and in the end a doctor had to sedate her. The twins, Shannon and Shane, were sitting at the desk drawing pictures with crayons.

Mr and Mrs Landau arrived home to find the house swarming with police officers and paramedics.

"Oh no. Not again" muttered Mrs Landau. They were taken into the living room where David was helping himself to a drink from their sideboard.

"Who the Hell are you?" she snapped. David tossed down his drink and stood, glaring at them.

"I'm the boyfriend of the girl your little shits drove crazy" he spat. David turned away from them in disgust and refilled his glass. Mrs Landau lifted her head and sat on the edge of the sofa, staring down her nose at him.

"My children are not – Well, they are not what you think." David snorted and flopped into a chair, deliberately dragging his dirty boots across every surface he could.

"I thought we had had a discussion about this before, Mrs Landau?" asked a police officer. David looked from one to the other, a sudden light blinking on in his brain.

"They've done this before. Those girls that babysat for you and ended up at the funny farm? Your shits of kids did that too didn't they? How many more are there that we don't know about?" David voice was rising, the police officer raised his hands and David threw his glass across the room and slumped back in his seat.

"My children have developed a rather . . . Odd sense of humour. They enjoy practical jokes and they enjoy playing with people to see how far they can push them. Buffy was the only one that actually called the police, the others just ignored it and then screamed from upstairs. The girl would go running up, fake blood on the walls and a vague shape with a knife and . . . Well, they just crumbled. It's not our fault." David stared at Mrs Landau for a moment before standing up and crossing the room, a little unsteady on his feet.

"You should have drowned those two demons at birth" he shouted back over his shoulder. David staggered from the house and watched as Buffy was loaded into the back of an ambulance, her eyes were rolling and she was muttering something incoherent. David crossed the gravel and climbed into the back; he took her hand and looked back at the house as the back doors were closed. In one of the upstairs windows were Shannon and Shane, they looked down and their eyes locked. Shannon held up a hand and waggled her fingers while Shane tapped the side of his head. They broke into laughter and moved away from the window.

The back doors of the ambulance were slammed shut and the Landau house was almost completely blocked from view. David turned away and gripped Buffy's hand in both of his as they sped away from that nightmare house and the demon children within.