The bus had stopped in a tiny town that, according to the sign, was called 99.

"What the Hell kind of name is that for a town?" snapped Abigail Black. She hadn't had a cigarette for a few hours and she was started to get a little antsy. Abi looked across at the driver and pulled her cigarettes from her back pocket.

"How long have me got, mate?" she asked. The driver looked at her in confusion.

"How long have we got for what?" Abi flicked a ciggie into her mouth and started patting her pockets for the lighter.

"I need a fag and the loo, so have we at least got ten minutes?" The driver was shaking his head and glaring at the unlit cigarette.

"We don't stop here, love. I fill the bus and we stop about a mile down the road for a proper break. That's the deal with this town. They don't like strangers wandering about." Abi raised an eyebrow at him. After a moment's pause, she realized he was serious and stood up from her seat. She pushed the button that opened the door and stepped down onto the pavement. She ignored the calls of the driver and went off in search of a toilet. The rest of the passengers on the bus just stared after her, total silence filling the bus.

Abi turned a corner but she couldn't see any signs for public toilets. She sighed and took a long drag on her cigarette. Abi wandered around another corner and stopped, at the end of the street was a huge wooden fence. Maybe she could squat behind that, the streets were empty so nobody would see. Abi threw her butt aside and jogged towards the fence; she walked all the way around it and frowned again. It was about twenty metres by twenty metres but it had no opening and there was no gate to get in. Abi shrugged, she leaned her back against the fence and undid her belt. She was just shuffling her jeans down her hips when a sudden whispering made her jump upright and pulled her fly closed.

"99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99." The whisper started quite low before building to what was almost a shout. Abi circled the fence again as the voices seemed to be coming from the other side. She looked around but there was nothing to stand on and she couldn't climb the sheer boards.

"Must be the whole town in there" she muttered. Abi was just turning the back corner again when she spotted what looked like a perfect circle drilled in the wood about two feet off the ground. She glanced round but there was still nobody about. Abi dropped to her knees and put her eye to the hole, she could see lots of legs and feet standing on brown grass. Suddenly, her view was blocked.

"What the Hell?" she muttered. A loud crack split the air. Blood and gore exploded from the back of her head and Abi slipped sideways. There was a loud cheer from inside the fenced area and the chant changed.

"100 100 100 100 100."

Back at the bus, the driver heard the gunshot and shook his own head. He climbed back onto the bus and started the engine.

"Why do these people never listen?" He pulled away from the petrol pump and drove away from the small town that had just changed its name to 100.