Laughing as we ran through the rain, I tugged hard on my boyfriends hand; drawing his attention to me. "Stop," I whispered. He looked at me confused, droplets were pouring down our faces like teardrops and our clothes were sticking to our skin.

"What is it, babe?" He asked, whipping the rain away from his mouth. Instead of answering like I perhaps should, I reached out my arm, pulling his face to mine and pressed my mouth firmly to his. If anyone has ever watched a movie where the rain suddenly stops and the fireworks are blowing in the back ground, that's what it felt like; with the exception of the burning pain from the blowing wind. He deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms softly around my waist. "I love you," He mumbled against my lips. My face broke out into a smile when we pulled a part for breath. "People look like they disapprove," I said, looking around at the people staring from below their umbrellas'. "Let them stare," He said, kissing my forehead and dragging me back into a run.

Our laughing continued when we were finally on dry ground on the porch of his house. "Joey, please tell me why you dragged me for that walk," I whined into his chest.

Pushing me away to look at my mascara-stained face, his deep ocean blue eyes examined mine. "I thought it would make your birthday complete," He grinned.

Rolling my eyes, I walked away from him to stare out into the rain that was spraying us slightly by the speeding cars. "By taking me for a run in the rain?"

"By taking you for a romantic stroll around the town," He covered, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

I swayed slightly with his weight, but leaned back into him. "Well I guess it's the thought that counts," I admitted.

"Yeah," He defended-"It's not my fault your birthday is in the middle of November!"

Turning to face him with my arms crossed, I scolded: "Don't blame me for the rain Joseph!"

"No, don't use my full name!" He whined.

"Don't blame me for the weather!" I countered.

"Ok, it was my fault!" He shrugged.

"No, it is all in the work of mother nature," I whispered, hugging myself to protect me from shivering.

"You're cold?" He asked. Nodding my head slowly I took his hand as he lead me to the door.

Holding the door open for me, he waited for me to step inside. "For the birthday princess," He whispered to me as I stepped over the threshold. It was dark inside the house and I searched across the wall for the light switch. I couldn't even make out the shadows of the old armchair I knew stood in the corner, or the television that stood on a stand by the wall to my left. It was a large room which the front door led into, it led straight into the living room and the stairs led straight from there to the upper landing. I knew Joe's house far better than I knew my own. We had been together for two years now and today was my fifteenth birthday. It was stupid but Joe knew my biggest fear was losing him. He was three years older than me and far out of my league. He was rich, popular, had the best clothes and went to the best school in town.

The school he attended was the music and drama school across the street from mine. The only way to get in was by audition and even then it was excruciatingly expensive. I had been saving my whole life; my audition was in three weeks. For the first time in my life I would be attending the same school as the one I loved. I was the complete opposite of Joe, poor, a loser, went to the worst school, had the worst clothes, but somehow-it worked.

My fingers rested up a round switch, pushing it slightly around, a dim light flashed on.

"Surprise!" Everyone screamed, jumping from behind objects in the room.

I smiled accusingly at Joe; who was leaning softly against the mantelpiece. "Happy birthday," He mouthed, before clambering the stairs to his room. Creasing my eyebrows together in confusion, I turned around to thank everyone who had taken the effort to wish me a happy birthday.

"Hey babe!" My best friend Angie tore through the crowds to reach me-"Great birthday huh!" She mumbled.

"Have you been drinking?" I accused. She gasped in shock, dramatically raising her hand to her chest,

"I would never dream of such a thing," We grinned knowingly as she led me into the middle of the floor, turning the music up loud as she did so.

"Who says we're losers?" She yells over the music, starting to dance to the beat.

I rolled my eyes and I came into focus looking at the door, it opened to reveal a tall blonde girl who was absolutely stunning in every way.

"Who the hell is that Ange?"

Looking over I saw her eyes go black. "That is a girl from Joe's school, he invited her, don't ask me," She shrugged.

I made my way over to the girl, after all why would Joe invite a random girl to my party? "Hello," I said, nervously twiddling my thumbs when I saw she towered over me.

She turned and looked down at me-staring daggers with my eyes. "What?" She snarled. I was slightly taken aback, who did she think she was? This was my party!

I placed my hands on my hips, "I was just wondering who you are, after all it is my party,"

This seemed to shock her, "Oh, well my name is Katie"-She stuck her hand out- "Joe invited me, I'm sure he thought we could get on well." She smiled sheepishly.

Narrowing my eyes in suspicion, I lowered my voice: "Ok he is upstairs doing something though," I sighed just as Angie skipped over and hugged my shoulders.

"Yeah and Holly here can't leave her party so if you are heading up there tell him his girlfriend misses him ok?" I laughed at Angie and her bluntness. A very shocked Katie stepped past us and was engulfed by the crowds.

"What do you think he's doing up there?" I asked.

Angie shrugged-"Probably making a beautiful birthday surprise for you," She looked at me sternly-"Don't worry about it 'k, he loves you; he has since he first laid eyes on you over two years ago!" I laughed.

"Come on," I shook my head and started dancing again.

After a few songs Joe's mother came up to me. "Holly, how are you enjoying yourself?"

"Very much, thank you Mrs. Davis," I smiled at her.

"Please call me Lou like everyone else Darling,"

I rolled my eyes; she asked me that every day, "Ok Lou. Thank you for the wonderful party."

"Anything for you dear," I had a better relationship with her than I had with my own parents. "Now can you do me a favor and see where my so called son is?" She jokes.

Giggling, "Sure," I make my way towards the stairs.

My feet echo on the wooden steps as I clamber up them to Joe's room. Walking up to the door, I notice a CD on the floor. Turning it over I gasped at what was written on it:

To my love Holly- Happy birthday,

Why was it thrown on the floor? I leant my ear against the door; perhaps he had fallen asleep, but inside I heard a loud groaning- a girls voice.

My heart fluttered in my chest and my stomach turned upside down.

I didn't even bother knocking; I pushed the door open in rage, stepping forward into the room. A single tear ran down my cheek as I watched Joe and Katie making out on his bed. Her petit white dress lay on the floor along with his black shirt that smelt of his cologne. The sight was horrifying. I saw her 5 inch-leopard print- heels lying beside me; I picked one of them up and threw it across the room, slamming it hard into the window. It bounced off, but I saw a crack forming and running its way along the flawless glass.

They jumped apart in shock. Joe looked straight into my eyes. I looked away when I didn't see any emotion floating in his.

They got dressed hurriedly while I was looking away; I let the tears fall down. "Holls…" He whispered.

My head snapped up, "Why?" I choked. His eyes filled mine then, but there was still no emotion in them, his hand touched my arm. I looked down at it, but I didn't move away. His hand circled by slim arm, the heat melted through me. Somehow I knew he wasn't going to be touching me like this again.

Katie cleared her throat in the corner. I looked around at her. "We should get going," She said, smiling and cocking her head to the side. Noticing then how beautiful she really was made my heart fall with jealousy. Her long, platinum blonde hair fell slightly below her waist and radiated the pink in her cheeks of the natural blush. Her face had a flawless completion and her petal lips were parted from being swollen. I shuddered at this because I was certain they hadn't been swollen when I had net her at the door. Finally I reached her eyes. Unlike my brown eyes hers were not a soft chocolate, but they seemed a harsh mud-brown colour. They cut through me like a knife.

My eyes widened at her words. "Where?" I cried. "Where are you going?"

He took his hand away and made his way out of the door, closely followed by Katie. I ran after them, CD still in hand. I watched them from the stairs, as they moved through the crowds, which dispersed to let them through. Stepping carefully down the stairs, I shouted from the bottom step, "Joe!" He stopped to look back at me, shaking his head. The room was silent as they watched on in awe. I didn't stop to find anyone. The CD fell through my fingers, hearing it clatter made a sharp spark of guilt arise deep inside me.

Shaking it off, I ran after him to see him climbing into a car that I assumed to be Katie's. I was slowing down, but my tears increased as I reached his window. Touching it gently, I thought about the way I had him just hours ago. I instantly remembered his favorite song, 'please don't leave me' I sung the words in my head. 'I could cut you into pieces' the car drove away, I snatched my hand back. 'But my heart is broken.' Sinking down on the pavement, I heard the crowd come out to watch the show. Someone wrapped their arms around me; I didn't care to see who. Leaning back into them I whispered the same words over and over again. "It's over, it's over, it's over."

"Shhh," Angie cooed in my ear. "Everything will be ok,"

I didn't believe her.

That was the worst birthday I ever had; the day I lost my life.

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