I swear my heart stopped beating, my veins slowly turning into ice. I can't deny it; she looked stunning. Like the princess I wish I could be. The dress was gleaming as she took her steps up the aisle, it was long and the train was at least two metres long behind her. The things I noticed the most though, were the crystal sequins making their way up her skirt and circulating her waist. I couldn't see her face; it was shielded by the thin lace veil, held tightly in place by a diamond tiara. Every girl wanted to be her in that second. Sadly, I was at the top of the list.

"I'm not sure I can do this." I whispered to Angie as she leant on Olivia's knees, attempting to get a good view of the scene. Angie didn't say anything at first; she didn't even give me any recognition that she has heard me.

"You need to." She murmured finally, not taking her eyes off the couple. "You can't stay caught up on him forever, you need to see him tie the knot." She stopped, seemingly thinking about what she had really just said. Sighing, I leant against the bench, feeling cramped, but not wanting to move. I couldn't stand to look, to see is face overwhelmed by emotion.

The ceremony continued, they sang hymns, the priest spoke to them, and I got more and more anxious. Until I couldn't bear it anymore. I pushed myself up off the cold ground and walked past all of the guests who were so immersed by the wedding they didn't pay any attention to me.

It was quiet, extremely quiet, I couldn't let anyone see me, and I couldn't let any of the attention turn to me. But I guess I overlooked one thing. "And if anyone should know of know of any impediment to why these two should not be wed..." I winced, how could I be so stupid as to stand at that moment? "You, young lady." The priest was talking to me, and I didn't turn but a blush flooded to my cheeks. "Do you know any reason as to why these two should not be wed?" Shaking my head hurriedly, I steadied myself. Ready for the gasps, the squeak of shoes as people turn their bodies to get a good glare at me.

"You bitch!" Katie cried before I had even taken a few long breaths. "How dare you?" I shook my head, turning slowly.

"N-No. You've got the wrong idea." I tried to explain but she was already bounding towards me. She had her claws around my wrist and had me in the coat cupboard in less than a second. "Katie, please. I didn't mean to-" She cut me off before I had a chance to say anything.

"Shut up you little cow." She sneered. "You have two choices. One, either walk out of here and break three hearts. Or two listen to my story."

"But-" I started, but then thought about what she said. "Wait three hearts?" She sighed, patting the dress down so she could actually move.

"I don't want to do this. I'm too young to be tied down to one man and I don't even love him that much!" She whispered, tears forming in her heavily made-up eyes. This confused to me, why had she been fighting so hard to keep him is she didn't love him?

"Then why are you marrying him?" I choked out, my heart pounding in my chest.

"To keep a job!" She screamed but quickly covered her mouth with her manicured hands; half of me expected Joe to rip down the door in a second. I had forgotten, Katie was the next super model, or whatever, I didn't know exactly.

"So...When did it ever matter who you marry?" I crossed my eyebrows.

She laughed in my face, taunting me, calling me stupid without words. "You're crazy, right?" She crossed her arms and leant against the wall. I shook my head, not understanding what she meant. Sighing, she slumped further down the wall.

"You only see celebrities in the paper if they have famous spouses. If you don't care about publicity then it won't matter, which was just another reason as to why Joe was reluctant to marry me. But I need all the publicity I can get." She carelessly laughed, wiping her hands down her face. In that moment I couldn't help but feel just a little sorry for her.

Thankfully, this feeling faded.

"So you don't love him. You've been with him, what, four years? Five years?" I said grumpily, still feeling depressed, this woman was marrying the man I loved, and she didn't love him!

Nodding, she took my hand. "I love him, I know I have hurt you, so I just want you to know. It wasn't for nothing." I snorted. "For nothing? To me, it will always be for nothing! My fifteenth birthday, ring a bell?" I turned t walk out of the door.

"Of course. We planned it that way after all." I stopped, my face growing red.

"You. Planned. It?" I took in a few sharp breaths, attempting to steady myself. I guess she shrugged or maybe she stood staring at the back of my head. "How could you."

She sighed. "He wanted you to have a clean break."

"Bull shit." I snapped and stormed out into the church, throwing Joe a glare as I made my way out the front doors, feeling like my heart had smashed into a million pieces, whatever forgiveness I had ever given him and evaporated into the air.

"Holly! Please!" Joe called from behind me, sprinting after me, his suit clinging to his body. I attempted to escape onto the field without any notice, but apparently that was impossible.

"What do you want Joe?" I snapped as he caught hold onto my wrist, throwing my bag to the floor.

"Time," He said simply. "For you to hear my side of the story."

"I don't want to hear your side of the story; Katie did enough of that for you." Saying that I was angry is defiantly an understatement.

"Fine, yes I lied, I paid her to kiss me and act like a bitch so you would forget about me." I gasped at the truth and flushed with the sudden surge of rage.

"How could you? You thought that would make me forget? Well I have news for you; it pretty much did the opposite." He shrank back after my harsh tone, but he still managed to stay strong. "What was wrong with saying: 'look, we had some good years, and I still love you, but I have to let you go?' What was wrong with you being normal?"

"You would never have let me leave!" He blurted, equally as angry now. I knew he was right. Well, about I letting him leave. He definitely did not do the right thing. No normal person would do what he did!

"Okay, so what do you want from me now?"

"Can we try?"

I sighed; I wanted him so much in that moment. Attempting to calm myself, I took a few deep breaths. "Listen Joe, I don't know a lot, you have confused me so many times lately, but I know that you are terrible for me, and that we're not meant to be. My dilemma is that half of me is in love with you, and the other half wants to forget you." He nodded, paling under my obvious truth. He encouraged me to continue, knowing that I wasn't done. "How do I say this?" I took a deep breath, deep in thought. "It's like from the moment I met you, you were always here, inside my head. Always. And I even tried to run, remember? You still crept in, still came back. It's like I'm addicted you or something!" He laughed slightly, and I shivered.

"So, what now?" He said.

Sighing again, I cupped his cheek with my hand. "You have told a thousand lies, and you won't come clean about half of them! You're my stinking dilemma. A very cute Dilemma..." I grinned as his lips smashed onto mine. Eating hungrily at my face, he wrapped his hands tightly around my waist. I took it all in, kissing him as hard as he was me. The six years too long a gap between kisses. I couldn't say that everything was going to perfect, but right then I didn't care, a miracle had occurred, and everything was great.

Well. Almost...

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