As sharp as fire, as bold as ice

The world seems so much bigger

Now that I have to walk it alone.

The busy street lights at night

Are no longer a romantic candlelit stroll.

Winter's a sorrowful blank page

Amidst dead trees and cold ground.

A tear freezes at the edge of my heart...

And burns.

I won't take this pathetic melancholy anymore,

This is not how I feel.

I'm burning with hatred inside,

Envy, jealousy, contempt;

Your face haunts me every second I breathe,

Your laughter lights a fire inside of me.

I can't stand to know,

Or to not know,

How sweetly and passionately you're kissing her,

Or how warm her touch is against your skin.

It's driving me insane to know,

And to not know,

That last night you were out with her,

And it breaks me to try and stop myself

From wondering what gentle words

You whispered after you fucked her,

Or how loud she screamed,

Or how much you enjoyed it.

Cause I'm sick of hearing your

Sickly sweet words of love

While I sit here all alone,

Tired of watching just how hard

You still rock my world

And shake the fucking ground that I'm walking on.

And I wish you could read this

And feel the guilt at the pit of your stomach,

Cause you know it's you I'm talking about,

And it's her,

Your pretty Iris doll,

Who haunts my dreams every day and every night,

With a hypocritical shy smile,

And nifty laughter,

Like a porcelain doll lovingly kept

In a golden case on the highest shelf

Of your pecksniffian love array.