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Lilly was sitting at home late on a Friday night. She didn't have work that night, so she and her friend Briana spend the day at the mall. After shopping until they couldn't hold anything anymore the two girls finally came home.

Lilith didn't want to bother with her parents screaming at her for going out, so she just sat in her room on her laptop replying to messages and talking to her best friend on Facebook. Since she couldn't video chat with her best friend Michelle just yet because her parents were still awake, the two girls decided to stick with chatting on Facebook until Lilith's parents went to sleep.

Lilith let out a little giggle since her best friend admitted to a crush. Her mood then changed from exciting, to a horrible heart break. It was so big that she felt her heart shatter inside of her body.

The top of her page showed Jason, what she thought was her best guy friend...with Lilith's cousin, Rachel. They were together in a picture that he uploaded a few seconds ago.

Lilith's world was spinning around her.

After all the years Lilith has been trying to take at least one picture with Jason, he never wanted to or said he didn't feel like it. They've known each other for four years.

Rachel and Jason has only known each other for half a year and Jason already has an album with all her pictures with him. How was that possible?

She would kill someone if they ended up going out or something.

It shouldn't have mattered to Lilith because Jason could be with who he wanted to be with. But what hurt was that Jason had no problem taking pictures with Rachel. Was it because she was "Miss. Super Skinny" and Lilith was just "That chubby girl?"

If Jason didn't want to be friends with Lilith anymore that was totally fine with the brunette. She didn't need people like that in her life.

Lilith couldn't believe tears were now coming out of her eyes. She slapped her hands to her eyes and tried to hold in her voice because she didn't want her parents to come rushing in. Lilith jumped off her bed and closed the door, making sure she locked it too before running back to her bed.

Her laptop was on the other side. She was debating if she wanted to grab it and continue talking to her best friend. Was it worth it? Or was she hurt enough?

Rachel and Jason looked happy together - Lilith had to admit that, but why did Rachel have it easy with taking a picture with anyone she wanted to. Just because she was a big flirt? Is that how the world works now-a-days with guys?

Lilith took a deep breath in. She couldn't let little stupid things like this break her down. Not anymore.

It was time she grew up and was stronger then this. Her cousin would flirt with every guy, she knew that, and Lilith was better off without friends anyways because after all the years she helped them with problems no one helped her in return.

Michelle Friedman: Hey you still there?

Lilith blinked a few times before seeing Michelle's message.

Lilith Logan: Yeah, sorry, my dad called me. He couldn't find the remote again.

Michelle Friedman: Haha, he's always losing that thing.

Lilith smiled. She was glad that at least she had one friend that would make her happy. Even if she lived in a different state.

Jason Parker: Hey Lilith.

Lilith's smile dropped again. Looks like her so called "best friend" needed something. Let's just play along and see what he wants.

Lilith Logan: What's up, Jason?

Jason Parker: Listen, if you're not busy or you don't mind do you think you could read a book for me?

Lilith knew it. She's changed. Never again would she do something for Jason. She was done being the nice friend she was.

Lilith Logan: No.

Jason Parker: Why not?

Lilith Logan: Because I'm doing with you using me.

Jason Parker: What are you talking about?

Lilith didn't bother to answer. She just canceled out of the internet and signed onto ooVoo where her actual best friend was waiting for her. Immediately Lilith started video chatting with her and Michelle looked confused.

"Thanks for not answering my question on Facebook you jerk," Michelle said when seeing Lilith, but gasped when seeing her starting to cry. "I didn't mean for you to take that so serious!"

"It's not you," Lilith said, wiping the tears away from her face. "It's kind of a long story."

Michelle sat up on her bed and pulled her blanket closer to her body. "Well, it's a long night."

"I'm done with having guys as my best friends."

"Honey, ahem."