They said that it would make me feel better,
They said I didn't need a doctor's letter,
So I said okay,
To there horrible play.

They were injected with so many things,
They were smoking so many weeds,
And when they gave me some,
I felt so very numb.

I didn't realize,
That all the butterflies,
That I saw there,
Weren't flying in the air.

I didn't notice,
That I had lost my focus,
I was so confused,
I felt so abused.

When it was done,
I didn't have any fun,
I had only skipped school,
With people that were "cool".

Now I was addicted,
I shouldn't have listened to what they depicted,
So, stay away from drugs,
Before they squish you like bugs.

Because of Red Ribbon Week and other reasons I felt like I had to write a poem about drugs.