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Tyler grinned at the sleeping girl who was cuddled up in his arms. Despite her being seventeen, just a year younger than him, she was so much like an adorable baby when she slept. That might just be his opinion, though. The pair had known each other for all of their lives and they'd been the best of friends for just as long. Well, he had thought she was a monster to begin with, considering she'd made to grab the boy's ear when the one year old was inspecting the new arrival, but he had quickly grown to love her.

They were close ever since though; even if it was surprising to everyone. Why where they best of friends when they were the opposite sex and different ages? Everything was against them as both of their mothers tried getting Tyler to befriend Devon's older brother, Jesse. It didn't happen. Tyler was best friends with the young O'Hare girl. What about when it came to light that Eli, Devon's father, was behind the death of Tyler's parents? No. They were just as strong as always and in fact they had both helped put her father behind bars. In the end, because it was only them who understood, they were left to do their own thing, which created a strong friendship that turned into a just as strong relationship.

Now Devon was sleeping, Tyler studied the girl's face. It was thin and pale- natural for the girl. There was usually a scowl on her face too, unless it was Tyler or something good like chocolate she was thinking about. Murky grey eyes were hidden behind her lids right now, but they were curtained by the currently visible light blonde eyelashes that were darkened by a small amount of black mascara. Long, dirty blond hair that was naturally untidy surrounded her face, falling on her thin shoulders and the boy's chest. The boy wasn't even egotistical as he looked down at her slim, small looking form, and knew she had never looked comfier anywhere else. As she had said herself, he was the comfiest bed she'd slept on.

"Is she sleeping again?" Tyler's brow eyes snapped up at the quiet voice. His eyes fell on Mathew O'Hare; Devon's uncle. He sounded just like her father; a man neither Tyler nor Devon wanted anything to do with. It was the Irish accent, the young boy thought as he turned his worried expression into one more relaxed.

"Yes," the boy replied simply, eyes turning back to the peaceful looking Devon. Again. He frowned as his mind ran over the older man's words. Maybe he was being paranoid but she had been sleeping a lot recently. There'd been lots of complaints from her about being tired and she'd started taking 'cat naps' in the afternoon. He was just being paranoid though, right? Even he knew just how protective he was of the girl and it'd only worsened when she'd had an incident with her cousin almost two years ago. Just me being a fool, the boy thought to himself. Footsteps told him that he was alone again and so he decided to take advantage of it. With one last glance at the sleeping bundle, he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. A nap wouldn't do him any harm, right? Well since De was having one, the boy didn't see why not.

It was early the next morning when Tyler was awoken. He'd been having a pleasant, undisturbed sleep. Then there was a noise. It was a noise that could pass as nothing to most people but Tyler. It niggled at the back of his mind and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It wasn't even that bad a noise, it was soft and quiet but the boy found it unable to sleep now.

Opening his chocolate brown eyes, Tyler looked around. He was in Mathew's living room. The cosy brown chair he sat on and the fire that took up half the wall in front of him told him that. It took him another minute to remember why he was here. Devon lived here now; she had done ever since her father was put in prison and the young girl thought it'd be best for her to move. She could have lived with her mother, who she clearly missed, but it was easier this way. Tyler spent a lot of time here too, much preferring the company of his girlfriend of almost two years.

The boy found himself smiling at that thought and almost forget why he was awake. Then the noise came back, slightly louder this time. His eyes caught sight of where the noise came from immediately. Devon was curled up on the sofa by the fireplace and hugging her legs, clearly unaware Tyler was awake. Why was she sobbing? Had something happened whilst he slept? If that was the case, he doubted he could forgive himself.

"Dumpling?" The boy whispered, still evidently sleepy, using her childhood nickname.

Devon looked over then, her mouth dropping a bit. Quickly the girl forced a smile and rubbed at the tear tracks on her cheeks. It wasn't something new for Tyler to see her crying but it didn't stop her from hating him see it. It made her feel weak, she had explained once. With a worried look on his face, Tyler was beside Devon in a second. His arms wound around her, pulling her to him. She naturally melted into him, head resting on his chest and enjoying how his fingers started running through her long, messy hair. Already she was feeling better...

"Bad dream," she explained quickly, her grey eyes threatening to leak more tears.

"Pie is here," the boy promised, wondering how he'd landed that childhood nickname. Then Devon's favourite chant, 'TyPie, TyPie, TyPie!,' came to mind.

Managing a small giggle at that, Devon nodded. "Always is."

Tyler chuckled at that. He wished it was true but he couldn't forgive himself for the times that he'd not been there; even if it wasn't his fault. Trying to change both of their thoughts, the boy looked to the wooden clock situated on the opposite wall to the fire. It was seven in the morning which was surprising considering that both of them loved their sleep and lie ins.

"School in a few hours!" Mathew walked in as he fixed his tie then, stopping before he headed to the kitchen. "Don't forget I've got to be there early so unless you want to get the train, get ready!"

Devon smiled with no sign of tears then. "If I get bulled this year because my Uncle is the headmaster, you're dead."

"Just stop being a teacher's pet," Mathew teased with a grin before leaving the couple.

"Are you alright?" Tyler asked, studying the girl's pale face. She might be able to fool anyone else and pretend she was alright, but there was a slight puffiness and wetness to her eyes that told Tyler she'd been crying.

"Yes," Devon promised before kissing his lips, something that made both of them forget everything that wasn't each other. "I've got to get ready." With that, Devon jumped up and headed off up the stairs whilst Tyler considered what had happened, knowing she'd rushed off deliberately. It meant she didn't have to talk about it, right?

Moments later, Devon was sat next to Tyler in the back of Mathew's car that was already heading towards St. Flamel's Academy. She leaned her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. Tyler's arm was wrapped around her, playing with her hair, something that seemed to relax the still tired Devon.

"You're not falling asleep on me?" Tyler asked, chuckling to himself.

"Yup," Devon replied, nuzzling into the boy with a content smile. "I have a headache so shh."

It was a while later when they'd arrived at the school. Devon was fast asleep by now, head still resting on the boy's shoulder. She'd never looked so relaxed in the older boy's opinion, so much so that he didn't want to wake her. Except, she'd slept too much and they needed to get out to start the day at St. Flamel's. Frowning slightly, deciding he needed to talk to her about it when he next got a chance; the boy pushed her shoulder gently.

"Dumpling," the boy murmured softly, watching as Devon's eyes flickered open slowly. She made a small noise before shifting, refusing to wake up. "De, we're here."

"I'm not going to school," Devon objected, pushing Tyler's hand away from her shoulder. "I've still got a headache.

"Fine," He replied, opening his door. Instead of getting out, he undid Devon's seatbelt, pulled her to him. Then he got out with her in his arms bridal style and started walking towards the school.

"Idiot!" Devon squealed, eyes opened wide as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked up to see the boy was smirking and winking at her. After shutting the car door, Mathew was grinning as he grabbed the suitcases and led the way, opening the doors and keeping an eye on them.

"I'm your hero," Tyler whispered, big grin on his face as he gave her a teasing wink.

"I hate school!"

"Of course you do, De."

"Shush Ari." At Devon's snappy comment, the girls were grinning and laughing, clearly not taking any offence by each other's words. Moments later though, Devon leaned forward, resting her head on the desk. Devon was currently sitting with her best friend, Arianna Rose Davis, as they pretended to be working. It was frustrating, but that was no surprise for her. She'd never done so well in school, it was just the fact that she ended up losing interest or couldn't study. That's why Devon was doing rubbish and usually got her friends to help.

"De...," Ari began. The girl was frowning and tucking brown hair behind her ear as she read through Devon's essay that she was proof reading.

"Don't say my name like that." Devon's grey eyes fixed on her friend's brown pair. From Ari's tone of voice, something was wrong. Something that most likely meant Devon would be spending more time working on it.

"Your work seems to be going downhill," She admitted with a frown, glancing up at Devon. She was one of the few afraid to be honest with the usually snappy and moody Devon.

"I just can't do the work!" The blonde complained with a groan, moving to lean back in her seat. Tilting her head back so much that she could see everything behind her from an upside down point of view, Devon grinned. Those legs were all too familiar... jumping up, Devon span on her heels and grinned at Tyler. Running at him, the boy didn't stumble as he picked her up. A moment later, Devon's legs were wrapped around his waist as she kissed him. "My life saver!"

"What's up this time?" Tyler kissed her back, trying to see if he could see anything wrong as he raised an eyebrow.

"I can't study, I hate school and all the essays! Why don't people understand I'm more practical?" After finishing her rant, Devon leaned her head on Tyler's shoulder. He led the way to Ari, sitting himself in the seat Devon had been occupying moments before.

"That is true," the boy agreed, leaning into her. He knew how true it was because even if Devon failed at exams and such, she could sing so well that it more than made up for it. She was going to be a singer, everyone was so sure of it.

"I should get someone to do all this junk for me," Devon informed with a decisive nod.

"And who'll do that for you?"

"Don't know," Devon muttered with a shrug and tired yawn.

"Tired again?" The boy asked. He pressed his hand to her forehead then as his eyes fixed on hers. At least she wasn't feverish, the boy thought.

Devon rolled her eyes, more than used to his protective ways. She'd always secretly enjoyed them though- who wouldn't want someone looking out for you? "I'm fine," she replied, chewing on her lip thoughtfully. "I just need to get rid of this headache."

"De, will you consider going to see a Doctor?" The boy asked. He knew what the answer would be. What other answer should he expect from the stubborn girl who hated Doctors? It was evident in the narrowing of her eyes as she gave him her 'don't-say-that' glare. "Please?"

"I'm not going to some silly Doctor!" Devon argued, turning so that she faced away from him, even though she was still on his lap.

The boy sighed, leaning his head on her shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "You are the most difficult person I've ever laid eyes on."

"I'm glad," Devon replied with a triumphant grin.

It was only a week later when things were worrying again. Despite numerous more headaches, Devon managed to keep them hidden so that Tyler and everyone else wouldn't pay them any attention and so she'd be left alone and the trip to see a Doctor was forgotten. She still had her naps which didn't go unnoticed. Tyler had no clue as to what to do, though. Should he tell Mathew? No, because if Devon found out, she'd be pretty pissed for a while. Even if she'd forget all about it after some time or just forgave him, it wasn't worth it, not right now. He decided to just keep an eye on her himself. He concluded there was nothing else wrong, that she was just her stubborn belf as always and that was the only problem.

They were stressed with school work since they were both facing exams for the end of year. Tyler was facing the last exams for his advanced course and sowas almost ready to leave. Devon had the rest of her year left too, it was going to be one of the most hardest. She couldn't worry about that though, not when this year was stressful and hard enough. Maybe that was what was making her all tired and headachey, she wondered.

About to get up and start the day, ready to explain her theory to Tyler, Devon found herself hardly able to move. With a groan, the girl sat up in her bed. I've just woken up, of course I'm struggling to get up, the girl told herself, even if she knew that it had never been this bad before. Ignoring her thoughts, Devon managed to stand up and look around the dark room. Bad idea. The next thing she knew, everything seemed to be moving about whilst being blurry. Thankful for the en suit, the girl rushed in and found herself emptying her stomach.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Devon didn't even bother making her way to the door, ignoring it as she remained in the bathroom, leaning against the wall. It was cool in this room which helped with the fever that seemed to be flaring up and causing her forehead to feel like it was on fire. Closing her eyes, Devon found herself tired and drifting off...

"She's really not well." There were people around her. Why couldn't they leave her to sleep? She was tired and still not well... yet, strong arms wrapped themselves around her before she felt herself being lifted off the ground and carried away.

"Just let her rest," another voice, Mathew's, replied. She could hear the worry evident as she stirred; trying to tell them she was okay and they needn't worry.

"Shh De," the first person, Tyler, said as he lay her down on something comfy- her bed. "You're not well, just rest."

"You're both excused from classes for today," Mathew said quietly, planting a kiss on his niece's forehead before leaving the room.

"I need water," the girl managed to say moments after the door had closed, her voice raspy and weak.

"On it," Tyler replied, going over to the en suit with the glass left on the bedside table. When the boy was back, glass of water in his hands, he helped her sit up and then pressed the glass to her lips. "You need a Doctor, Dumpling."

"You can take care of me," Devon announced between mouthfuls. It looked as if she'd never had a drink of water before and like it was the most amazing thing ever by the way Devon gulped it down to help her aching throat. "Doctor Pie."

"I'm not qualified," he replied with a roll of his eyes, knowing she wasn't going to agree to see a Doctor or anything anytime soon.

The next day and things weren't better. Tyler was sat with Ari and Jazz at one of the tables in the cafeteria. It was breakfast time and everyone was about- except Devon. Tyler had been told to attend his classes today, or more like forced by Devon herself. He'd tried refusing, telling her he wanted to take care of her. Devon had refused when he'd made that suggestion last night, telling him to go get some sleep and she'll see if she can make it to classes today. That was why Tyler's brown gaze kept going to the door as he waited to see if she'd turn up.

"How long before class?" Tyler asked, not turning to look at them, his eyes still on the door even now. He frowned as he fidgeted with the sleeve of his shirt, waiting anxiously. Before Ari spoke though, the doors opened to reveal a sorry looking state.

Devon didn't even give a glance at the food before she headed over to Tyler at the usual table. The pale and weak figure walked over, sitting herself besides Tyler before resting her head on his shoulder. The boy frowned for a moment but then he realised what was different- Devon's hair was tied back, meaning her long mane of messy blonde hair was not able to tickle his cheek as usual.

"You look awful," the boy muttered, looking at her pale face as he played with a stray lock of her hair.

"Was sick," Devon muttered, sounding just as weak as she looked, chewing on her lip.


"Was the third time this week," Devon admitted, knowing Tyler only knew about the second time when she'd been so bad that Mathew and Tyler had made their way into her room to check on her.


"I'm not going to a Doctor," the girl objected, rolling her eyes.

"You're going." Devon glared at Tyler then. There were few times when Devon didn't get her way and Tyler was firm, risking an argument. It was often in the set of his jaw and the determination in his voice that gave it away. Even though she was ill, now Devon was annoyed. She didn't stand much of a chance, that was for sure, but she would argue as much as possible.

"I hate you," Devon snapped before she pushed back the chair and stormed out of the room angrily. He was right and she'd end up there soon or later, she thought. She just didn't want needles and the idea of being vulnerable made her sick as it was, so she'd do her best to get out of it.

"I'm trying to help you Devon!" Where the last loud words she heard before the door slammed behind her.

"Come in!"

Devon's bottom lip was jutted out, a clear sign of annoyance. Add her clenched fists and narrowed eyes, even as she pushed open the door, and those that knew her well knew to keep away from the girl right now. She didn't wait to be offered a seat and just sat herself opposite her Uncle. Crossing her arms over her chest, Devon glared out of the window and refused to talk first. Mathew rolled his eyes, a crooked grin gracing his lips- he knew Devon only too well and sometimes her moods amused him. She was almost always having a tantrum. She wasn't spoilt but she did get her way on things such as if she wanted Tyler to wear pink, she'd make sure he did. Mathew expected all this to come to light today, considering she wouldn't want to talk but pretty much had to.

"Devon...," Mathew pleaded, leaning forward, his own grey eyes trying to lock on Devon's, even though she was having none of it.

"Before you even bother trying, I am not going to go to a Doctor and I won't start doing my work."

"It's nothing to do with either of them. Well, it is and it isn't...," Mathew began, his voice trailing off. Shouldn't Maria, Devon's mother, be having this conversation with her? Devon did get on extremely well with her but with all that she was going through with her husband who was Mathew's brother, he didn't want to have to stress her out and so had decided to take control of the matter himself.

"Spit it out," Devon muttered, raising a blonde eyebrow and looking thoroughly sceptical at what her Uncle was trying to get at.

"What times are you generally being sick at?" He asked quickly, awkwardly brushing a hand through his dark, untidy hair.

"When I wake up, why?"

"Is there..." Mathew looked more nervous than he had only moments before. It actually worried Devon who'd never seen the happy-go-lucky man look so nervous and unwilling to speak. "Is there any chance you're pregnant?"

"You have to be kidding me," Devon muttered to herself before she turned to face Mathew properly, giving him a firm look, "no, there isn't."

"Are you sure? The symptoms are there..."

"Mathew! I am a virgin!" Devon spat out, exasperated enough to flail her arms to express her mood. Nothing was said for a moment, Devon's announcement had given something for Mathew to consider for the time being. He was glad she was, because she was always going to be the baby he held all those years ago. It meant she was safe as well and it was proof Tyler wasn't a bad kid, just as he'd thought. Yet, it wasn't something Mathew wanted to consider. His teenage niece's sex life was private and nonexistent forever in his opinion.

"Well, that is... erm... good." Mathew smiled awkwardly, leaning back in his chair, as if to get away from the situation. Devon looked just as nervous, eyes falling onto the door as if willing for it to open so she could escape. Her cheeks were warming rapidly too, embarrassment screamed from her features.

"Yeah," Devon muttered, not returning her attention to her Uncle and instead seeming to be fascinated with her fingers.

"What's going on then?" At that, Devon turned to face Mathew with a raised eyebrow and scowl on her features. She had no clue what he was on about and that agitated her.

"Wait! Is someone going around saying I'm pregnant?" Devon growled, her hands screwing into tight fists as the idea surfaced. She was suddenly furious, more furious than when she didn't understand. St. Flamel's was full of gossipers, it had always been the case since she'd started roughly two years ago. There were some awful students who'd cause trouble for Devon, Jade Riddle and Rose Riley came to mind. If they'd started saying something then Devon would be out for revenge, though not surprised in the slightest.

"Calm down De," he told her, holding his hands up in surrender. "You've been ill. Sick of a morning several times is worrying. No one is gossiping."

Devon nodded weakly, still frowning but relaxing her hands now. Instead, she pinched the bridge of her nose between her finger and thumb, a sigh escaping her lips. "I'm just stressed. It's what's behind all these headaches and whatever."

"What's stressing you then?"

Devon had to think about that, which wasn't a good idea since it hurt her throbbing head, but it was necessary. Life was much better these days now that Eli was locked away along with Oliver and Dorian was in another country. Devon also got to stay in England with her Tyler. Her family was well too... what was the stress? Devon had more reason to smile and relax these days, right? "My school work," Devon admitted, biting down on her lip.

"That's another thing," Mathew said. He opened the draw of his desk then, rummaging through it until he pulled out a small folder. Devon didn't get to see it much but she did notice the school badge and her name on the front cover. He flipped it open, picking up a page. Again, from Devon's position she couldn't see what it said but she did see it was all handwritten. "I've spoken to your tutors and looked at your work... I'm afraid to say, your work is not doing too well."

Devon shrugged then, not surprised by this revelation. "I can't seem to focus. I'm not doing that bad in my music classes though."

"Of course you're doing exceptional in music, De," Mathew replied, a faint proud grin on his lips. She was a singer, and so her doing well in music was to be expected. "It's brilliant news, your Music tutor can't speak highly enough of you, but you need to work on your maths and English. As much as you hate them, they are important."

Devon's expression soured. She knew she had to but that didn't stop her from refusing. She hated the work and was determined not to bother with it. "I'll see what I can do," Devon lied, already getting up and heading to the door.

"Devon," Mathew said quickly, causing for Devon to pause as she went to open the door. A defeated sigh escaped the man's lips. Devon really wasn't the easiest of people to talk to, she always reminded him of his brother, but that wouldn't stop him from trying. "Please give it a go. I don't want to have to give you after school tutoring."

Devon rolled her eyes and headed out of the room then. Mathew wasn't sure, but he could have sworn he heard Devon mutter, "You wish," as she left.

With a quick glance at the clock above the reception desk, Devon saw it was lunchtime. It meant she had missed all of her morning's classes. Not a bad revelation in the girl's opinion, considering she only had English class, which she didn't like that much, this morning. She then began heading towards the lunch hall where she knew Tyler would be. Tyler would help her, she'd feel comforted and safe with him whilst forgetting everything bad, which was just what she needed. Devon paused just before she made her way to the lunch hall. There was a breeze to her left. Looking in that direction, Devon saw the way leading outside. Halfway through January and Devon wasn't surprised to see the wind beating at the trees or that passing students wrapped up in their coats and such so that they kept warm and sheltered from the chilly weather.

At that, Devon looked down at herself. There was no uniform for those in college at St. Flamel's which was why Devon wore her usual jeans and long sleeved, dark shirt. She didn't have a coat with her though, since she was in the building most of the time she just didn't bother. At least she wore some slip on shoes. Despite knowing it'd be cold, Devon headed out into the courtyard. She looked around, her eyes fixing on the small forest that belonged to the school and was just in the distance. It was much safer now she thought as she wrapped her arms tighter around herself and headed in that direction. Though, she had to move her arm when her long mane was messed about, a few strands got in the way and so she had to push them back. Just that simple movement sent a few shivers up her back as the coldness managed to get down her top, making her frown and move a bit faster.

Moments later, Devon was surrounded by the rustling trees. It seemed to take over all her senses. It was all she could see, smell, hear, feel and it was amazing. It was so far from what she was used to. There was no sign of her school or civilisation- no problems or people meant Devon could relax. It also gave her something better to think about, it was good to not have to worry about being ill, to not be questioned to see if she was pregnant or anything. She was far from any work she needed to do too, that just made everything feel that much better.

What felt like a second later, arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to a warm, solid mass. Devon jumped, a surprised squeal escaping her lip as she pulled back and swatted at whoever it was. Her grey eyes caught sight of Tyler's grin which didn't stop her eyes from narrowing. "Don't scare me like that!" Devon snapped, glaring.

"You usually don't mind," the boy complained with a raised eyebrow as he backed off slightly to give the girl some space.

"I don't care," Devon replied, arms crossing over her chest again so that she wasn't as cold.

"Here," Tyler told her. He pulled off his jacket and offered it to her as he noticed what she was doing.

"I don't want it," the girl said, surprising him even more. Usually the girl complained for his jacket- what was going on?

"Dumpling, what's wrong?"


"Riiiiiiight," the boy replied, rolling his brown eyes. "What've I done this time?"

"You jumped out on me!" Devon almost screamed, glaring at him.

Blinking a few times with both eyebrows raised, Tyler just stared as a silence fell over the pair. He didn't know what had gotten into her. Yes, she had her moods but it usually had a more valid reason or at least could be explained, more than something like this... "Oh," Tyler said, realisation washing over him. "What did your Uncle say?"

"This has nothing to do with him!" Devon argued, flailing her arms about as she wondered how he didn't understand. "You're the one being an idiot!"

"I came up and wrapped my arms around you! Sorry for not coughing or something!" Tyler groaned under his breath, fighting the urge to roll his eyes since he knew that it would only aggravate her more.

"And so you should be!" Devon hissed. Realising she was too cold, she gave in then and so snatched his jacket, put it over her shoulders and pushed past him before heading off back to the school.

"Is it her time of the month?" Tyler muttered to himself, sounding exasperated and confused.

"These fancy things, will never come in between,

You're part of my entity, here for infinite,

When the war has took it's part,

When the world has dealt it's cards,

If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

Because when the sun shines, we'll shine together,

Told you I'll be here forever,

Said I'll always be your friend,

Took an oath, I'mma stick it 'til the end."

Devon was startled at the claps that followed as she finished singing her own version of Rihanna's 'Umbrella'. It caused for her to blink and look around so her surroundings coming back to her. She was in music class and had just been singing. Yet, she hadn't expected for the class to be surrounding her as they listened in. She gave a smile before moving away, heading over to one of the tables at the back of the classroom where she'd be away from them all.

"Devon!" Oh crap, the girl thought, groaning under her breath as she looked up to see Mrs. Hammond smiling brightly as she headed over, slipping brown hair behind her ear. She was a nice tutor; she'd helped Devon to better herself a lot, but Devon was tired of being treated like a prize and all the shows she was doing in and out of school had become beyond annoying.

"Yes Miss?" Devon asked, the smile on her lips passed as natural and it was likely only Tyler would be capable of realising that it was fake and that she wished Mrs. Hammond would leave her alone.

Taking the seat opposite her, Mrs. Hammond smiled even wider, making a fuss about getting comfortable. "There's a ball at St. Flamel's hall. Now, I've had a word and they'd love to have you singing a few songs along with the bands and a few other singers that they've sorted. Isn't that brilliant?"

What a surprise, Devon thought. Of course there was no choice in the matter for Devon and of course Mrs. Hammond had already sorted it out. She could already imagine how the night would go at the hall, a large building that held town meeting, the odd ball, classes such as art and yoga, a museum and some other things Devon hardly cared about. She'd sung there before, and alike that time she guessed it would be full of the elderly who sat around and seemed to always stare at her. Once it was over they'd tell her how amazing she was, that she was adorable and they wished she was their grandchild or that they reminded them of their own. It got tiring after a while.

"I...err... Sure," the girl who usually said it how it was had found herself speechless. Maybe it was because she didn't want any more aggravation; even still she just gave a weak nod.

"It's in April so there's no rush and we can perfect a few more songs for you," Mrss. Hammond said, sounding more excited than Devon was- that wasn't hard though, Devon looked like she'd been given the worst news ever. At least the older woman was gone a second later, leaving Devon able to sulk on her own. She leaned forward, resting her head on the desk as she closed her eyes.

"Go to a Doctor."


"Go to a Doctor!"

"No!" Devon replied for the millionth time, louder this time.

It was a while later when Devon and Ari were arguing. They were walking alongside each other through the schools halls and heading to Devon's room after a busy school day. It seemed every day she was getting more and more stressed. Now her best friend was agreeing with everyone and Devon felt like she might crack up. Despite the minor argument, Devon unlocked the room door and allowed Ari to go in first. Both girls were sat on the bed once the door was closed and shoes were off, looking stressed and exhausted.

"You need to go De," Ari said with a sigh. "You keep going headachey and sick!"

Devon shrugged with a grin. "It's hardly anything to worry about."

"Your work is going downhill and Tyler told me about you always sleeping and your bad mood over nothing."

Devon frowned at that, biting on her lip. None of those things were related, right? "It's just stress," the girl said decisively with a naive shrug.

Ari didn't reply to begin with, her eyes searching her friend's face. Most people struggled with Devon, aware that they could set her off on one of her tantrums. There were few that attempted to cross her and Ari was one of the brave few who would. "De, you're mad!"

"And amazing, I know," Devon said with a light laugh, trying to joke it off.

"Devon," Ari sighed, brushing a hand through her dark, wavy hair. "You can be the most annoying person ever. Don't you see how tired Tyler is? This isn't doing any good for him. He's worried for you."

"What do you mean?" Devon asked with a frown, immediately sitting up with her eyes fixed on Ari.

"He tries to hide it," Ari admitted, biting on her lip for a moment. "He's worried about you so much that it's making him sick, you know?"

With a weak nod, the blonde girl went silent. It didn't surprise her, he was always protective of her and so of course he worried for her. Even as youngsters, when love was some soppy thing that gave adults cooties, they were each others, no matter what. Yet, she'd missed this... or rather, Tyler had hidden it well. It didn't matter because either way would lead to how guilty Devon felt now. She didn't want him ill or anything, that wasn't an option. So, with a defeated sigh, Devon reluctantly said, "fine. I'll make an appointment soon."