~Isabella Rainbow~

This teddy bear should have a top hat! She thought as her lips formed into a wide grin. All Isabella's teddies needed something special and this one needed a top hat. With the grin on her face, she held up a construction paper made top hat and slowly placed it on the bear's head. "Oh Pebbles! You look wonderful!" she cried excitedly to the stuffed animal.

"Don't you all agree?" Isabella asked, turning to the other teddies that sat beside her. They stared with their button eyes, saying nothing. Her eyes moved to their poorly sewn dresses. "You two are ladies, you don't wear top hats" she said with a frown and gave one of the bear's a light punch on the tummy. Before she could deliver another blow, she heard a loud knock on her bedroom door. "Bella! Come out now, you've been in that room for hours now!" It was her mother.

"Mom go away" Isabella said through her clenched teeth. Her mother was always bothering her, why couldn't the damn woman just leave her alone?

"Bella. You're sixteen it's not healthy to stay locked up in your room all day playing with dolls!" she jiggled the knob of the locked door, trying to break in to her daughter's haven.

"Mom get away from my door!" Isabella snapped.

"No! You come out of there for awhile and I mean it"

Isabella pressed her palms against her ears. Please go away she thought, Please! Her teeth and eyes clenched angrily, her face felt like it was on fire. "Just go away and I'll be out in a few minutes" Isabella said though gritted teeth.

Her mother sighed, "You have five minutes, if you're not out by then, I will call and have someone take that door right off the hinges" Isabella then heard the woman's footsteps as she walked away.

"God, I hate her" she dropped her hands to her sides and looked at each one of her teddies. "She just doesn't understand...I don't belong in her world" Isabella stood up and slowly walked to the door. Before walking out, she blew her precious teddies a kiss. "I'll be back soon, don't you guys worry"

Isabella walked out the door and made her way to the family room. As she walked she would have a scowl on her face, a scowl that only deepened when she laid eyes on her mother. "I'm out, so what now?" she said, bitterly.

As always the woman looked at her daughter in disgust. "You couldn't have put pants on?" Isabella wore white underwear along with a pair of rainbow stocking and a t-shirt with a small rainbow in the center. She had dyed her hair bright green awhile ago and it was still something that infuriated her mother.

"No, I couldn't" Isabella replied smugly as she sat down on the armchair, "So what is it you want...mommy?"

"I want you to get out of that room, it's not healthy"

Isabella crossed her legs and frowned at the woman. "I doubt if you know what you're talking about" she suddenly buried her face in her hands. "I don't belong here!" Her voice sounded loudly throughout the room, a spark of anger burning throughout her mind and body.

"Bella please don't act like this" her mother pleaded. "I just want to talk to you is all"

"B-but I don't belong here"

"Stop saying that and please just behave like a normal human being!"

With a growl, Isabella fell face down on to the floor. Immediately her mother jumped up and came to her daughter. "Isabella stop this right now!" she demanded as she knelt down to the floor. Her daughter continued growling, her growls only getting louder from the woman's voice.

Isabella's mind was in chaos, all she thought of was teddy bears and rainbows. Letting out a sound much like a roar, Isabella pushed away her mother and ran towards the kitchen.

"Bella get back here!" Her mother shouted.

The girl simply grunted and moved to the sink where she forced her left hand down the drain. "You see mommy, this is how crazy you make me!" Isabella shouted as she used her free hand to flip the switch for the garbage disposal.