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Writing: My Passion

I have a passion,

I am addicted to it,

To words,

Their sounds,

Each phrase,

Every feeling,

The emotions they create,

Each tear they cause,

And every heart they caress,

I am addicted,

I love the flow,

Like sweet honey in a golden river,

The way they fit,

Like a complex puzzle or comfy sweater in autumn,

Never ending,



It is my passion,

My desire,

My love,

Without it...

What could fill my heart with joyous victory at each story?

What would clear my mind of the world?

What would be the place where I can let myself go?

I am addicted,

To the way each individual speaks,

Each voice,

Every sound,


I keep going,

I can't stop,

Never ending,


I savor the syllables,

I fill each empty blank paper,

Words are,

Beautiful, Majestic, Loving,

Angry, Violent, Wrong,

Enlightening, Inspiring, Bright,

Mysterious, Sour, Sharp,

Sweet, Creative, Right,

They are...


And they don't have to be seen,

Or heard,

But just,


I love to write! As if I didn't say it enough already :D Thanks for reading! I love this site!

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