see when I get close to it,
just right up the branch that
holds it, I feel it in my fingers.
I have been sounding up the street
trying to get a colorful mate to
take care of the sky with me.

(but so far its god dust,
lovely but unattainable and
altitude high) you know what they
say about it.

so I came to see you, wings warn
I hoped you would take me in
through your window and build me
a nest in your tissue box. yes I would not
mind living in the box by your bed.

(so long as it keeps me dreaming)

it hurts, so bad today. homework and sammy.
poetry and poe try. (I want to trytrytry to make
water out of gold!) because while I am with you
I am sifting. air and moments separate and I
begin to understand. I see what I could not before
"your love is a broken sieve dripping . you know
how to make love but you do not know how to
love me?"