I know for a fact that I had never run faster in my life. My instincts had kicked in and the adrenaline pumped through my veins. The were very few of us on our circle block left from whatever was spreading like a wild fire. I was with a group of kids, all of us running into a house we thought might be safe from the used to be friendly old man that was chasing us. He didn't seem human any more and the pocket knife in his hand gleamed with my best friends blood.

I ran up the stairs as fast as my little eight year old legs could go, bumping into other panicking kids as I went. I managed to run into a room with an open sliding glass door leading to the balcony. I jumped over the railing, rolling onto the well kept lawn. Turning around and looking up I saw some of my friends laying lifeless on the wooden balcony. The old man with his pocket knife was trying to stab some of the kids that were right underneath the balcony. He had gone crazy with the intent to kill anything with a beating heart but fortunately for me and the other survivors his IQ had dropped dramatically.

I looked around frantically for a way out of the backyard. I didn't want to go back through the house but it started to seem that it would be the only way to get back to the street. Then I saw my escape route. It was weird. There was a space in the corner of the fencing that was never connected. It was just enough space for someone my size to go through. Ignoring the suspicious feeling it gave me I ran through it, leading me directly to the street.

I saw people panicking everywhere. I saw families grab all the important things they could and driving as fast as they could away from the area. I saw a woman in shock crying out for her child. It was a gruesome scene. Not to mention the people who had been infected by whatever it was that caused this misery. They were chasing the innocent and killing the weak with whatever they could get their hands on.

"Mom," I screamed with relief when I saw her near our car. I ran up to her and hugged her tightly. She picked me up quickly and placed me into the back seat of the car. My dad was at the steering wheel and my mom had jumped into the passenger seat. My older brother was sitting on my left and my younger brother was sitting in his car seat on my right. I was in the middle.

"Here, hold her," mom said to me, shoving our cat Cheshire in my lap. I hugged her tightly to my chest, thankful that she wasn't going to be left behind in the chaos.

As we started to drive away speedily I started to calm down enough to pay attention to the weird feeling that I had through the whole event before. Something was wrong. All of these things didn't feel quite right, as if it had happened before. Remembering something else that seemed more important I forgot about the strange feeling.

"You got my bear, right mom?" I asked when I realized that I didn't have him. He was one of the most important things to me. With every second of silence she gave me I started to worry more.

"We have to go back," I shouted desperately.

"We can't, I'm sorry." My mom tried to calm me down but I was freaking out.

He needed to be here. We couldn't leave him in that house, on that terrible street. I remembered where I left him. He was in my tan leather bag that I took with me to my last sleepover.

"I know where he is! Please, it will be quick!" Tears clouded my vision as I failed in convincing my parents to turn back.

I woke up in my bed, frantic and frightened. I searched around for my bear. It was the one thing that would prove the dream was just a nightmare. I looked around my room desperately for a half an hour before I gave up. I had known it was useless. It wasn't just a nightmare. It was a memory of what had happened six years ago. The whole world had now been affected by what had terrorized my street back then. They had a scientific name for the deadly virus but most people called it Rage. Governments had fallen, cities had been abandoned by their people, and many people had died. There were small towns here and there, but most people were drifters. My family was. We were currently in an abandoned house. I sighed and sat on the soft,dust covered bed. My head hung low and I felt like crying but I mostly was angry. I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard the familiar meow from Cheshire. She leaped into my lap and curled up into a ball. I smiled a bit and began to pet her. The sun was just about to rise and I knew the rest of my family would be up soon to start packing. We didn't stay in one area long. I just hoped we happened across a populated town today.