Standing in front of two large rocks, I silently cry. Leo helped me bury both of my brothers, and now I'm standing in front of their graves. After wiping away my tears I place two white flowers on the graves and start to walk away. Leo, who had been standing next to me, follows me, just a few feet behind.

It's been eight years since the outbreak, and I'm sixteen now. I've lost all of my family, and I think any hope I had before has vanished. I don't know why, but I'm still walking. I'm still moving forward. I don't even know where I am right now, and I'm still in a bit of a daze.

My head hangs low, my eyes staring at the asphalt of the road, but I will my eyes to look around and take in my surroundings. My gaze slowly but surly looks up, taking in houses, buildings, and street signs.

I stop walking. I think for a moment that maybe I'm hallucinating, but I can't be. I finally raise my head, looking around and paying more attention to the details of my surrounding. I was definitely not hallucinating.

"What's wrong," Leo asks, still a couple feet away with his hands in his pockets.

"This is the town I grew up in," I tell him, then add, " It's also where the outbreak started."

I start to walk again, my pace a little quicker and a certain destination in mind. I'm on a main road, but just down a side street here I knew there was a house I left long ago.

I start to run, my breath short and heavy. The muscles in my legs start to ache, but I ignore it. I'm only a block away now.

My vision is starting to blur, and I can her my heart beat pound in my ear. My legs feel like they are on fire, and I finally collapse to the ground. I scrape the palms of my hands while trying to catch myself on the ground.

Looking up, I see it. My street. It's a dead end street, and the houses and lawns have been taken over by tons of weeds and plant life. One of the houses had a caved in roof, and another with just some mold on the wooden porch. My house, painted a light blue and almost matching the others, was in bad shape also.

I heard Leo running in the distance. I realize then that I must have left him behind. Looking in the direction that I heard him from, I see the heat waves coming up from the asphalt and a figure flailing it's arms. I squint to get a better look, and I see that it's Leo, and he's shouting something.

As he gets closer, I hear him.


I'm confused for a second, but then looking behind him, I realize what he meant. Just a few yards behind him is a group of maybe four or five people. They are sprinting after him, like beasts hunting for prey.

I scramble to my feet, and Leo runs past me, grabbing my hand and pulling me with him.

"Where are we going," I shout at him at the top of my lungs to make sure he can hear me, sicne I can barley hear myself.

He doesn't answer me. As we start to pass my old house, I realize this might be the only time I see it, and I'm desperate. I pull Leo back full force, causing him to almost fall. I pick him up though, and start to run for the house.

Running inside the dusty old house, I push the door closed behind me. I lock both locks and take a chair from the dining room and prop it up against the door.

There is a moment of silence before the terrifying noise of the door being pounded and scratched at rings through the house.

I look back at Leo who is panicking. I can see the fear in his eyes as he looks at me, and I know he sees the same thing in mine.

That's when I notice it. The blood on Leo's shirt. It's fresh blood, pouring out of an open stab wound on his abdomen.

I can feel the warm tears streaming down my face. I couldn't lose Leo. I just couldn't. I take his hand, making him follow me up the stairs. I know the only reason he isn't screaming in agony his because his adrenaline is keeping most of the pain away at the moment. When I reach a door on my left, just above the stairs, I push it open and guide Leo in. Slamming the door and locking it, I push my old dresser in front of it.

We were now in my room. Leo was still just standing there, a horrified look on his face as he stared right through me into the distance.

I guide him to the bed, laying him down on the comforter and look at his wound. There was nothing I could do to help him. He had already lost too much blood. I was crying now, holding Leo's head in my lap on the bed, rocking back in forth.

"Cassie, it really hurts," Leo whispers in a hoarse voice. I can see the tears in his eyes, but he doesn't let them fall.

"I know, Leo, I know. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," I say between sobs. I kiss his forehead and push his hair out of his eyes.

I feel Leo's hand on my cheek, cold and shaking, and he makes me look at him. I sniffle, tears staining my cheeks.

"Cassie, I want you to know," he coughs up blood into his free hand, only making me cry more, and then continues, " I love the sound of your heart beat."

I'm shocked at first, as one of the symptoms of Rage is the pure hatred of the sound of a heart beat. It is what drives the infected to such lengths of insanity. It drove me to kill my parents and best friend.

Leo takes his hand away from my cheek and pulls me into a hug.

"Just let me listen to your heart beat one last time," he whispered, his ear pressed up against my chest.

"No, this can't be the last time. You can't die. You're all I have left. No," I say desperatly in between sobs still.

I hear the door break open downstairs, the chair crashing on the tile floor. I hear the infected beasts drag themselves up the stairs, then they start to pound at my bedroom door. I look back down to Leo, and I feel his arms loosen around me and his head fall a bit.

He's dead.

I know the door isn't going to keep them out forever. I'm the only thing they are after now. I carefully unwrap Leo's arms from around me. Getting up, I see the tan leather bag that held something so precious to me. I walk over to the other side of the room and pick it up and dump it out onto the floor. There, laying on the carpeted floor, was my purple bear. I pick him up slowly and carry him with me over to my desk. I grab a pair of scissors from a glass container and walk back to Leo. Sitting down on the bed, I place my bear in my lap and the scissors next to me.

There is a loud bang on the door, but I ignore it as I take out the files from the clinic. I still hadn't looked at them, and this seemed to be the last chance I was going to get.

I opened up mine and scanned through it quickly, taking in all of the information. What caught my eye was the list of medicine trials they had tried on me, and then my status. All of the trials were failures according to it, but at the bottom, in the neat text, it said "CURED".

I was cured already. I wasn't infected anymore. I hadn't been infected since I left the asylum, but they didn't even know how. They had excluded it from being something they gave me. Does Rage cure itself? That can't be possible.

I hastily open up Leo's file, and look over the data. His status was "INFECTED". That must have been why he could hear my heart so easily still. That still didn't explain why he said he liked my heart beat. I was still so confused.

I shove the papers and folders off of the bed in anger. They didn't explain anything. The pounding at the door got louder, the scratching and beating more frantic.

I wasn't going to let them kill me. I just couldn't let them. Taking the scissors, I aimed the sharp blade to my wrist. With a quick motion, I cut down my wrist, then did the same with the other.

I would rather kill myself then let them kill me. I dropped the scissors on the floor, and took Leo's hand into my own, and hugged my bear with my other arm.

"I'm so sorry I left you behind. I never wanted to," I whisper to the bear I'm hugging. I can feel the blood pouring out of my cuts, and I start to feel a little dizzy.

"You will forgive me, won't you? You'll take care of me once I'm gone, right," I whisper more, tears silently falling from my eyes. My vision is getting blurry, and I curl up into a ball on the bed.

"Please promise me I'll be safe. I just want to be safe," I'm mumbling now, my voice droned out by the cracking of the door. The beasts are almost done breaking the door open.

"I don't want to be afraid anymore. I don't want to be alone," I mouth the words, but I can't speak them. My vision goes black, and I hear the door finally cave in and the dresser crash to the ground.

Then I went to sleep, and never woke up.