get me some orange! put it in the room
let me touch it and learn to understand it.
under, stand? (hush now!) no one is ON.
or have you not heard (a word?). some
sound they let go off unfiltered, "I have been
alive and dead 100 times in this life,
all in your smile!" let them learn French
and then nothing at all. have them all
come to the castle tongues twisted,
and have them be nothing but the creepers
at the door. o yess its been like that before!
I used to say it was a sea coming in
through my bedroom window, but tonight
it is the sea and I am sifting. not sand but
salt. out of blood and into my hand,
where its dropping like the belts and beats
and (his hands in mine, sweating) I hope!
your hips don't pop when you hear it.
"they came back to get you and
found no one in your heart" and they
do not coming back. (but baby
the night goes on)