I heard she wrote you poem that came from her heart.
well I don't know, where your poetry comes from but mine
does not come from my heart or my chest. it's not in my smile
or on my finger tips. not at the touch of my tongue or the curves
in my smile. my poetry is not anyplace on my beautiful face!
my poetry churns in my stomach and makes me sick with
feeling. my poetry opens my guts and pulls me apart,
keeps me awake. calling too early and coming too late.
my poetry is a poe try. teeth noshing and the essay
writing disease. my words struggle to learn love and
forget SAM. drugs make my poetry mouth wide
like a whale. (have you ever lived a life under sea?)
salty. if you heard a word my poetry is a monster
in my belly, ringing bells and making sound
in my ears. ensuring my destruction and passionate
love for my math teacher. and that my love
is poetry, not from the heart. and please go to hell.
(my love)