Samantha walked into her bedroom with just a towel wrapped around her body. The brunette just walked out of the shower, and was searching for a new pair of sleepwear. Wanting to just get into bed, she stuck with her green shorts with stars and a white spaghetti strap with a huge green star in the middle.

She brushed her wet hair before finally being able to sleep in her warm comfy bed. Her room was still an entire mess with her clothes and books all over her room, but she was too tired to clean now. Maybe when she wakes up tomorrow morning since it was a Sunday.

Samantha pushed herself underneath the covers, turned off the lamp, and finally was able to shut her eyes. But it wasn't until her cellphone started to ring and she groaned. She knew it was her best friend Jason for the song Early April Morning By Brendan James was playing. If she didn't pick it up, Jason would keep calling until she did, so she just grabbed her phone.

"Yes, Jason?" Samantha said, not bothering to turn on the light or take the covers off her face.


Samantha jolted up. "Kristen?" She asked. Samantha took the phone off her ear to check the number and instead of Jason's cellphone, it was his house. "Kristen, what's wrong?"

"There's th-these guys in t-the house," Kristen's voice was so soft and uneasy.

"Where's Jason?" Samantha asked, jumping out of her bed and running downstairs. She got her sneakers and grabbed her jacket before running to the kitchen, grabbing her keys and back to the living room so she could exit through the front door.

"He went out with Penelope. He said he was going to be back in ten minutes, but it's been five hours. He left the front door open and I was in my bedroom and I didn't know until they started screaming around breaking things downstairs..."

"Okay, Kristen, okay. I'm on my way," Samantha said as she shut her car door, turned it on and backed right out of her driveway. "I need you to stay with me. Did you call the police?"

"Yeah," Kristen's voice started to get more uneasy. "The line was disconnected because Jason's phone died and I didn't know who else to call. The lady said the police was on their way but they always say that."

"We'll I'm at the farm right now – I just have to get through the apartments and turn into the houses. Where are you in the house?"

"Underneath my bed," Kristen answered between her sobs. "I locked my door and blocked it with my desk."

"Kristen, that's great work," Samantha said into the phone. "That way it'll take them time to get to you. Where's Mom and Dad?"

"They went to Virginia for the weekend. Sam are you almost here?"

"Yes, I just sped through the apartment complex and heading around the corner. Don't tell the police when they get there, understand?"

At least Kristen laughed a little which made Samantha a little more relieved. "Okay. Just don't do it again."

"I'll do it only when it involves you. I'm parking in the lot, are the people still there?"

"They're coming upstairs!"

"Kristen, don't worry. I'm coming inside the house. Don't move and don't make a sound!"


"I'm going to hang up, alright? I'm right inside the living room." And then there was dead silence through the other end of the phone. Kristen pressed the end callbutton before setting it aside and grabbing her Lady Bug Pillow Pet as she just stared at the door.

"NO ONE MOVE!" Kristen heard Samantha screamed. "PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!"

"Oh crap," One guy whispered right at Kristen's door.

"Now, I want you to come downstairs and drop whatever is in your hands."

Kristen got up from underneath her bed and pushed her desk back to where it was before opening her door and seeing the two crooks walk slowly down the stairs.

"Will either one of you like to explain what you're doing in my house?" Kristen walked over to the railing and leaned over, seeing Samantha with her father's gun in her hand pointing at the two.

"The front door was open," The tan skinned man with a black leather jacket, blue jeans, brown boots, a white t-shirt, and black fingerless gloves answered. "So we tried to find someone in the house to tell."

"And how do you explain all of my vases and pictures broken?" Samantha asked, turning her head to the side and seeing the living room half way destroyed.

"The wind must have blown them down; it was like that when we got here," The white man answered, wearing the same outfit except he had a black hat on and his belt was sticking out from underneath his shirt.

"Oh really?" Samantha raised her eyebrows and the two men looked at each other before one kicked the gun out of Samantha's hands and it flew behind her.

Samantha turned around, trying to reach for it, but one of the men kicked her from behind and she fell face flat to the floor. However she got right back up on her feat and swung her leg around to their heads, but the other grabbed her ankle and spun her in mid-air and she dropped again.

Samantha used her feet to grab onto of of the guys and spun them around, knocking into the other man and falling to the ground. She stood up and was about to jump on to two men on the floor, but they rolled over and she missed, landing on her knees.

The pain stung for a a second before Samantha was able to ignore it and try again. However one of the men grabbed her arm and twisted it behind and then knock her in the head, but she moved fast enough so the impact wasn't as hard as it should have been.

She punched on guy in the nose and the other man did it right back to her, moving her head backwards and blood already started dripping down. She smacked a hand to her nose and screamed before spitting in one guy's face and punching the others stomach. Then grabbed him by his shirt and threw him right into the other man again.

The two men hit the hall and dropped to the floor and Sam was finally able to use her elbow to hit both guys right in the middle of their chest. One of the guys grabbed her arm and flipped her into the kitchen and Sam landed hard on her back.

One of the men got up and kicked Sam hard against her stomach and she screamed in pain as they picked her up from the ground and brought her back into the living room where the other guy held Sam's gun.

"You shouldn't have bothered us," The one holding the gun said.

"Yeah?" Sam spat. "Try telling the guy behind you that."


Samantha was able to push the guy who was holding onto her shoulders away as she rolled underneath him and towards the back, leaning her back against the couch. Two actual cops were standing with guns of their own pointing at the guys. The two gave up, raised their hands, turned around, and dropped to their knees.

The cops ran up to the burglars and read them their rights. Samantha kept taking deep breaths in and out and she couldn't believe her life was about to end right then and there if the cops never showed up.

"Sam!" Kristen screamed from the top of the stairs. She then ran down and jumped into her arms.

"Oh, Kristen, thank God you're alright," Samantha said as she kissed the top of her head.

"I wish I could say the same about you," Kristen said, pushing some of Samantha's hair behind her ears to see the bruises on her face and the cut on her arm.

"I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

"Can you please explain what happened here?" One police man asked as the other was walking the two criminals outside towards the car.

Samantha and Kristen looked at each other. Sighing, Samantha turned to the cop and just said, "It's my fault, Officer. I left the door open as I took a walk outside and left my sister home for she was sleeping. The two must have seen me leaving and decided to come inside and get what they could."

"Have they hurt the little one?" The officer pointed to Kristen and the 9 year old shook her head. "Obviously you have, so I'd like you to sit tight until a paramedic comes."

"That won't be necessary, Officer," Samantha said. "I'm fine. Just a few bruises and a bloody nose – nothing you need to rush the paramedics here for. I can take care of myself."

"Are you sure?"

"Totally. Have a great night."

"You too. Please, first thing tomorrow morning come to the police station to write a report."

"Will do, thanks for your help," Samantha said as Kristen waved goodbye.

When the front door shut close, Samantha walked to the living room and set Kristen down at the big couch. She then walked to the hall closet and took out the extra pillow and blanket, giving it to Kristen and she lay down on the couch.

"Sam, thanks," Kristen said as she lay down.

"There's no need," Samantha whispered as she placed a hand on Kristen's forehead. "It's my job to take care of you. Now, try to go to sleep as I clean up the house, alright?"

Kristen nodded her head before turning to the side and slowly closing her eyes. The first thing Samantha did was walk into the kitchen and grab the cleaning supplies so she could clean all the broken pieces up.

In less than an hour later, the front door unlocked and opened, showing Jason with a huge smile on his face as he walked inside like a love sick puppy, closing the door with his foot. The whole house was dark, so he turned on the living room light and screamed when seeing Samantha sitting on the chair facing him.

"Samantha, what are you doing here?" Jason asked, setting his keys down by the table on the corner along with his jacket.

"Where were you?" Samantha ignored Jason's question and asked her own.

"Outside, where else?" Jason asked. "I took Penelope out on a date."

"FOR SIX HOURS?" Samantha screamed, standing up from her chair. "Do you see something wrong with the living room?"

Jason looked around and hummed. "Why did you hid some of my stuff? And why is my dad's gun sitting on a table next to a bunch of bloody tissues?"

Samantha laughed, getting up from her seat. "Hid! Yes, that's exactly what I did! And those bloody tissues were from the bloody nose I got for your information."

"Why are you acting like that?" Jason asked.

"Because Jason, you left the fucking door opened and I was almost killed!" Samantha screamed, hitting Jason on the chest and he flinched. "If Kristen NEVER remembered what I taught her she would have been dead, Jason. DEAD!" She screamed louder and louder, not even thinking about Kristen sleeping in the room. She took a deep breath in before asking, "Who forgets to close the door? WHO?"

"I was just outside..." Jason tried explaining.

"No, you weren't," Samantha corrected. "You were gone, you left the house unprotected, your sister was put in danger, and I can't believe it's all because of that girlfriend of yours."

"Samantha, listen," Jason said, but Samantha lifted her hand up to stop him.

"Kristen's coming with me," Samantha said, looking off to the side.


"Until your parents return from their vacation," Samantha explained as she lifted the sleeping girl off the couch, "Kristen's living with me."

"You can't take my sister like this," Jason yelled, about to grab her out of Sam's hands, but Sam jumped out from Jason's grasp.

"I can and I will," Samantha responded with her teeth clenched together. "You obviously can't handle taking care of a little girl. If you feel lonely invite your girlfriend over because maybe you won't leave the door open. Besides, you always said how annoying she was, so why would you care if I take her or not?"

"Sam!" Jason called as he followed Sam out the door. "Everyone makes mistakes!"

Samantha gently placed Rachel in the back seat and closed the door, running to the driver's side. "Not as bad as this one." She opened her door and before getting in she said, "Call me when your parents come home."

Samantha then turned on her car and drove off back home as Jason stood out in his front lawn, watching the car get smaller and smaller.

Jason had no idea what to do. He doesn't have his license yet, so he couldn't drive after them. Maybe Sam was right...maybe he had to learn his lesson before being trusted ever again. He sighed, walking back into the empty house and try hiding his father's gun back into it's original place.

Samantha rubbed Kristen's head as she was still fast asleep in her guest room. She was glad Kristen had remembered everything she had taught her in case of emergencies. Samantha didn't even want to think about what would have happened if Kristen didn't know what to do.

And she thought she was going to get some extra sleep tonight. Samantha sighed, getting up from the floor and heading to her room where she saw her phone blinking red meaning she had a missed call. Sam didn't even bother to check because she knew they were all from Jason trying to talk to her.

But she was done forgiving him. Jason needed to be punished.