Marlo hung herself over the trash can as if it were her lover.

"Are you all right, Mar?" asked Titus softly as he rubbed her back.

"I think I may 'ave the flu," she responded as she gagged a little, causing her to vomit into the trash can again. Titus continued to rub her back as he hummed the sirens's song to her.

It was the only song that came to his head, but the song did nothing to the two as it was not sung by sirens. The song did seem to help Marlo, as she smiled at him.

"Do you need me to call a doctor?"

"No, no. I should be fine. Just me stomach acting up is all." She turned to Titus. "'Ave you 'eard from Ryder lately?"

"I haven't. And I haven't seen him the shop recently either."

"We should invite 'im over soon. I do miss 'im." Marlo paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. She curled herself over the trash can and hurled, yet again.

Titus nodded, although he didn't necessarily want Ryder to come over. As much as he appreciated how deeply Marlo cared for Ryder, he didn't like Ryder as much as she did.

Marlo finally stopped her sickness and stood, smoothing her hair. She quickly went to get something to drink to wash the taste from her mouth. Titus followed her, preparing her a meal so she could hopefully regain her strength.

The moment he peeled an orange, the smell struck Marlo harshly, and she ran back to her beloved trash can.

William pouted as he traced a circle with his finger on the table.

"William, darling, are you going to help me or not?"

Will looked up at the beautiful young lady, nodding once.

When he decided to stay in Atlantis with his father and pursue the future his family had laid out for him, Will thought he would have an education and job prepared. But not only did they have that, Will's parents had also picked out his wife. Elizabeth was her name. She was the ideal woman for William to marry. Elizabeth was young, only being sixteen years of age, and by the time they married next year, she would almost be eighteen. She was also very beautiful. Long black hair that was perfectly braided, bright green eyes that reminded Will everyday of the trees, and rosy cheeks that glowed when she smiled.

Will thought Elizabeth was wonderful. He really did enjoy her company and he thought she would be a fantastic wife. But, he all imagined this a few years down the line.

He was to marry this girl next year, before his nineteenth birthday. And he just met Elizabeth a few weeks after recovering from his 'Roger' adventures. Elizabeth was supposed to be his future wife from when they were infants, but now, after the thought of William have dying, his parents felt that marrying early was a prime opportunity.

William didn't want to bother to ask Elizabeth if she wanted to get married. Her answer would always be yes, because her family pressured her to, and so did his family. Will knew that in his mind, if she was not putting on an act for everyone, she wouldn't want to marry so early into her young life. But, the two didn't have any other choice.

William helped his new future wife pick out guests to invite to the wedding.

"Who are these people you have written that live in the East? I know no one that lives in the East."

"These are my best friends. If anyone should receive invitations from me, it should be these three."

"I cannot wait to meet them then," grinned Elizabeth, which melted William's heart.

Although he didn't want this all to happen so fast, he was happy she was the one he had to be with for the rest of his life.

Ryder watched as the sun set behind the horizon of water. He sighed as the darkness soon took over, revealing all the stars. He laid back as stars appeared one-by-one. Ryder closed his eyes and listened to the ocean lap onto the beach.

This was the environment he loved. He didn't understand why he went back to Atlantis. After being surrounded by all this, he fell in love.

The transition to a working man was also hard for Ryder to cope with. He was great at his job and earning money was better than stealing or begging for it. Ryder had great means of living. But, he was not happy with it all.

Ryder was not sure what would make him happy yet, but the smell of the trees, the ocean air breeze, and the sun and stars to lighten his days was good enough for him.