Waiting on a Summer Day 2; Afternoon Reflection

Wind sweeps by, and the stuffy air
Conceals my breaths beneath its weight
Sunlight drifts behind the Earth
Leveling the sky in such a way
As to make the stars just so shy

Little pain bothers me, but still
The hard of hearing don't sit still
While their hearing goes away,
Do they?

Glassy heart and glassy eyes
Punctuate my slumber
The heads are rolling, and now it's time
For the guillotine to press down

What make an effort? Love and faith?
Crass and creed? Action and zeal?
Or is it that
Remembrance, that hidden key
I should have kept with me?
What makes an effort, I wonder?

Still, I am not so plain
As to let the sun pass me by
And offer a wave, a shy
"Hullo there!"
No, I am the one
Who sits, distant from the rest,
And watches life go by
With but a simple understanding,
"Now isn't that strange?"

And now it's time to run
My time is already done
Can you say goodbye to me, good sir?
Or will you just sit there, watching the sun go by,
Just like that fateful day
When the rain fell down, and I dared to say
"Hullo there!"
A shaky, shy, and quite plain-as-day
"Hullo there!"
And that was all I had to say.