At precisely 22:00, the trio receives the go ahead from their Boss. They enter the hallway through the door they had been waiting behind, this one without any alarms built in and no locking mechanism, making their task that little bit easier. The observing cameras from the other side of the street indicated that there is no activity in that hallway, so the three rush silently toward the open staircase at the end of the hall, turning right, up and, behind the structure's wall, leading up to the out-of-view backdoor to Lunastra's apartments.

The woman makes quick work of the lock with the tiny device she had picked up again from the lock on the ground floor and the thee make their way into the residence of their target. The door is left open, they don't have to worry about anyone noticing activity here, since Lunastra has the last two floors to herself. They spread out into the apartment, searching through the rooms quickly, their headgear functioning as night vision equipment.

The woman heads up to the second floor, making quick work of sweeping the few open and largely empty rooms, while the third man checks through the equally, with little, but all the more obviously comfortable furniture equipped rooms at the back of the apartment. Meanwhile, the new guy spots the bookshelf and peruses its contents for anything worth to their endeavor.

Speaking quietly into the headset that connects between all six of them, he informs them "There's nothing here that looks like we need to take." Pulling out one book after another, leafing through them quickly and throwing them behind himself without care, he gets increasingly irritated. "What, is this all a joke?"

Groaning inwardly, the man at the other end of the apartment restrains himself from lashing out verbally. "If there isn't anything, then so be it. There's still that one room with the door here, so what a surprise it'll be if what we're supposed to find is there, right?"

From above, the woman reports with a curt "All clear." and heads down to meet the other two.

The trio gathers in front of the hallway where the third man is already waiting for his peers, who then also points toward the closed off room he just mentioned. "That's got to be the jackpot, then." he declares and straight away proceeds to open the door. His surprise at finding it unlocked lasts only for a second, as he notices that the door leads to no more than a tiny storeroom.

"Well, I call that unusual. Both." The woman remarks.

"Yeah, certainly." The man lets go of the door and is just about to look deeper into the room, when he realizes that there is no more to it than the small area barely three people could fit into.

"Alright, that must be it. Take it with you." The team leader suddenly chimes in over the headsets, having watched his colleagues' progress via the tiny cameras mounted to the device.

"Seriously?" The new guy asks, incredulously. "It's a stone. A huge stone. How are we supposed to carry this?" Stepping closer, he slaps on the rock's surface, expecting it to feel and sound like a solid one. To his surprise, and that of all his peers, the rock turns out very light, sways slightly in its position and sounds rather hollow. "What the...?" He bends down to grab it and easily lifts it by himself. "Oh-kay..."

Annoyed by the man's behavior, the team leader speaks out a lot more harshly than he intended "Just what is it you think you are doing?" Shaking his head, though his team can't see, he tries to calm himself down. "Great, then, there's your answer. Alright, get out of there."

Wordlessly, the other two teammates look at each other, then, with a shrug, turn around to head back out. They both stop in their tracks when the man behind them speaks up once more "Wait." slowly, but surely feeling the irritation their leader just displayed rising in themselves.

"Here, you take it." Awkwardly handing the object to the other man, he explains "I thought I saw something between the books we could want as well." and immediately heads back into the living room, simply leaving the other two behind. After another look between the two, both of them shaking their heads, they head for the door they came from and wait there.

Not a minute later, the new guy returns to them, nothing indicating that he brought anything with him. "Well, what did you find?" The woman inquires, her rising eyebrow goes unnoticed in the darkness.

"Never mind, it was nothing." he waves it off. Quickly enough, but casually, so that the others don't get angry, he adds "Looked like some notes from biotechnology experiments or something. I'm not versed in that, so I had to take a closer look. Turns out it's just stuff from the research of that Daora woman. Remember her? The one wanting to make a greener City?"

A short silence between the three is broken by the team leader "Yeah, I remember." Though he's sounding a little skeptically, he can neither think of a reason to disbelieve the man's words, nor to send one of the others to check up on that, so he accepts the explanation and tells the group to proceed with their extraction.

Down at the exit of the emergency staircase again, their way there undisturbed, they confer with the team leader, learning that his group has already packed up and their transport is on its way. "Everything according to plan." The Boss tells the team via his headset and informs them that his group is now almost at street level. Both groups, staying in the completely dark shadows of the buildings, step closer toward the street, signaling each other across it that they are in position to be picked up.

Still wearing his visor, the man from the rooftop group scans their surroundings for unwanted onlookers. When their transport arrives, his head swings its way, following its arrival until it stops right between their split groups. After one final sweep of the still empty street, the visor man signals for the two groups to get into the vehicle.

Before they're even all seated, the vehicle takes off, slow and steady, just like it arrived, so it doesn't raise any suspicions, should there be anyone entering the vicinity and notice it. Once seated, they collectively stare at the object that sits in the middle between them. "What is that supposed to be?" asks the least talkative member of their group.

He wouldn't receive an answer, though. Not because none of them, not even their drivers, would have known what the object or its purpose is, but because of a very noticeable tremor shaking their entire transport, having the group look every which way, as the roads within City are usually spotlessly smooth. Without any obvious source for the vibrations, they turn their attention outward, on instinct in the direction they just left.

Bright red and orange flames, spitting out a growing cloud of black smoke, emerge from what was once the two story apartment of Mu Lunastra.

"What is that? What happened?" The woman asks, looking at their leader. She finds his expression shows just as much confusion as she herself feels. Slowly all their eyes meet, all of them show the same uncertainty and confusion. All of them, except the replacement in their team. "What did you do?" The Boss and two of his fellows ask in unison.

He merely shrugs nonchalantly "I cleaned up behind us. As I have been instructed."

"Instructed..." The Boss couldn't but feel somewhat betrayed, even though they had no greater connection to their employer than the quite large sum of money in their accounts. He could also not help but think if they would've gotten any one of his team to do this kind of thing. His people were mercenaries, sure, but none of them would bomb uninvolved bystanders. And that blast, seeing how they could still feel this far away, will surely have injured, if not worse, the few residents left in the building.

"Dammit, what where they thinking..." He couldn't exactly blame the new guy, as he, too, is only a hired hand. Their employers simply picked someone less scrupulous than usual. At the guy isn't being smug about it, otherwise he would have decked him already.

Still, it has him worried about the replaced member of his team. For most of the rest of their way back to their headquarters, he stares at the man who just detonated a large explosive device in a populated area. Now he is well aware that, if their employers were fine with ordering that, they would have no qualms about getting rid of his colleague, just so this one could fill his spot. He hopes that isn't the case.