I was apprehensive as I strolled into the hall, stumbling slightly over a crack in the stone flooring. I was not sure I was doing the right thing, bothering a king with a family's troubles. I took a deep breath before I entered the throne room, trying to calm my nerves and steady my heartbeat.

The doors to the throne room opened, and I moved inside as a guard announced my presence to the king, who sat in his throne, surrounded by advisors, a table stretched out in front of them. They were very obviously going over plans for an attack or move of some kind, though for what I couldn't be sure.

King Arthur looked up at the sound of my name. His grey eyes widened, and he smiled.

"Sir Urien!" I was greeted jovially. "To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

"The honor is mine, my liege," I replied, sweeping a bow to my king. "But the reason which has brought me here is not one you will find heartening."

Concern swept across King Arthur's face. "What wrong has been done you, Sir Urien?"

"'Tis no wrong so much as a father's woe," I answered. At his quizzical look, I knew I had his full attention. "Some days ago, a few of my men came to your castle looking for my son, Sir Owain, who had gone out riding and not returned shortly before our Samhain festivities commenced."

"Ah, yes, I remember," the King said thoughtfully. "Has he been found?"

"Nay, my king. And now my daughter, the lady Aislinn, has gone missing as well. I fear the headstrong lass wandered off to look for her brother," I admitted, slightly ashamed. That girl had been trouble since the day she was born. "My men can find no trace of either of my children, so I come to you seeking help in locating them."

Arthur sat in contemplative silence for a moment. "Sir Urien, it would be our honor to assist you in finding your children. We shall meet on the morrow at the Round Table and form a plan of action."

I breathe a quiet sigh of relief and bowed. "Thank you, sire." Arthur smiled and waved his hand dismissively. I turned to leave, and as I did, the doors to the throne room were thrown open and a haggard, frightened woman came running in.


I was surprised and overjoyed to see Sir Urien, my old friend. I had not seen him in months, since the last meeting of the Knights of the Round Table. I was, of course, aware of his son's disappearance, and had been hoping for news that the young man had been found safe, perhaps having met a lady. Now to hear that his daughter had gone missing as well…I did not know what to make of this.

Sir Urien was leaving my presence to retire to the chambers always at the ready for his use when he visited my castle of Camelot when a woman rushed into my throne room. I was shocked at her unannounced arrival.

"Madame," I cried, "to what purpose is this?"

The woman fell to her knees at the foot of my throne. "My king," she said weakly, "I apologize for my intrusion, but I desperately require your assistance."

Curious, I motioned for the woman to continue. "My husband has been kidnapped by the Black Knight of Tarn Wathelyne, my lord, and my home has been burned to the ground. I have no home, and no children to help me in my time of need. Please my lord, will you find my husband and return him safely to me?"

Moved by her plight, I replied, "My good lady, your story has touched me. My Knights are meeting on the morrow to discuss another matter. You may rest assured we shall devise a plan to rescue your husband."

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