the FIRE lingers just beyond our reach.

we cannot destory the flame, nor run from it.

the FIRE is beautiful to some and dances in our mind's eye.

the FIRE not only consumes life, but the souls as well.

the FIRE is deadly, yet some still fight it for their selfish ways.

the FIRE has no soul.

the FIRE does not care whether or not you live or die.

the FIRE hates all. the FIRE is sanity.

the FIRE is recklessness.

the FIRE is passion.

the FIRE is us.

the FIRE will ravage earth unless we are able to bring peace to this horrid, yet amazing thing.

the FIRE is not destined to be killed, only destined to be contained.

but the FIRE will not be contained.

the FIRE will burn all cages and kill all capturers.

the FIRE is unstoppable.