Chapter 1

Florescent drapes ran along the ceiling of the club, cocktail tables lined the walls, and chairs edged along the dance floor. Nightmarish creatures danced wildly, screaming and raging to the sounds of eerie music that sounded almost like heavy metal. Flickering white lights flashed through people's eyes, blinding them before retreating away, coloured beams raced along the floors and over flaying arms and bodies. Yelling and laughing filled the spaces between songs. High up on a pedestal was the DJ's box, where a man with long, dark hair stood and played the songs of death throughout the room. In the very centre of the room, middle of the dance floor, was a tree that seemed to be growing up through the floor. It's long, grey branches swept over the room, no leaves hung from the twigs. In the middle of cocktail tables were vases that held a bouquet of dead roses. The dancers that hung from the ceilings were wrapped in black drapes that they spun around. Their pale skin glowed in the florescent light. They danced through the air, swinging back and forth. Men and woman sat in chairs, talking and laughing, some were simply waiting out until a song they liked came on, sooner or later everyone danced to the music of the fey. Different creatures danced in the darkness, twirling and twisting through one another, lightly brushing through each other. Drusilla weaved through the crowds of people, her eyes skimming over the ravers, acknowledging those that may not be petty posers. Most people who came in were just wanna-be night creatures, people with stuck-on fangs and henna tattoos. But sometimes people who could pose a threat appeared. The club was a hot spot for night creatures, even the DJ wasn't human. The thrumming music rattled the floors, Drusilla kept the plugs pressed in her ears, blocking out the eerie tunes. She fit in well with the groups of people, her flame red hair and dark, blue eyes made her looks like a huntress, her Dao blades strapped onto her back glinted off the lights. Her eyes searched the room for her contact, she stepped onto the dance floor, flowing easily through the others, only lightly brushing them. She caught sight of a woman, she was twirling to the music, her skin was pale and luminescent, her eyes were a pale opal color , no solid color could be put to them. She had long, dark brown hair pinned to the top of her head, long, pointed ears with diamond piercings stuck out through her hair. She was small, with long arms and legs and dainty, features. Her face held an adorable smirk on it. She smiled at Drusilla and waved meekly as she continued to twirl. Drusilla walked towards her, pushing through to men who were watching the woman intently.

"Hello, Dru… long time no see." Her voice was cool and calm and her words hung in the air.

"Anna… hi. It has been a while hasn't it."

" last time I saw you, we were in Venice."

"You started an uprising…"

"No one even remembers, anyway, I suppose you had a purpose for tracking me here other than some boring small talk."
"No, I'm looking for someone."

"oh really?" Dru could hear the amusement in her voice as she slowed her dancing. Her movements came to a stop and she began strolling away. Men stared after her but didn't dare follow.

"Come, Let's sit."

Dru followed the Anna to a table where she sat down. The lighting was better there, it revealed Anna's long, dark blue pants and silver top that showed her stomach. She only had thin, shining silver shoes that roped along her ankles. Dru sat down and watched as Anna held up her hand politely to a waiter who came past.

"Anything to drink?" she spoke to Dru in a slightly Quirky way

"No thanks"

Anna nodded and smiled at the waiter, a young man with dark skin and brown eyes, she gave him her order and when he left she turned back to Dru. Her Opal eyes watching her.

"So what is it that you would like from me?"

Dru pulled out her earplugs and looked back at her.

"I'm trying to find Korapth."
"Ahhh, and what makes you think I can help you?"

"Because, Anna, despite the mischief you enjoy causing and the messes you like to make, you aren't evil. I know you dislike the idea of people in pain as much as I do."

"Playing on my virtues. That is a low blow." She sighed and looked at the waiter who put her drink down.

"Thanks." He nodded and turned away.

"What was I saying? Oh yes. Korapth… He drops by here occasionally, Once a week maybe. He come for drinks and a dance, maybe if he sees a victim he likes he may tempt them out into the back where most of the druggies go. He…" She swallowed "drains them there."

"And you haven't tried to stop him?"

"Course I have, plenty have but there's not much to do without exposing him."
"Any hunters drop by?"

"One, a man named Xavier, nice man, rather old though, mid fifties."
"What happened to him?"
She looked down at her drink and lifted it to her lips and took a gulp of it before lowering it back onto the table.

"Korapth killed him; at least that is what I heard." She spoke bluntly though a hint of unhappiness tainted her voice
"You feel remorse…"

"I'm not heartless, contrary to popular belief."

"The witch in you, perhaps?" Drusilla smirked at her.

She smiled back and nodded meekly, her hair that rested on her head bobbed slightly.

"Perhaps, I was raised with a human, I know how to feel sorry for them, it isn't difficult, their lives have much to be desired for."

"True, but you still don't fight for them."

"No, I don't, I find that if I stay away from them, they stay away from me. I don't wish to end up like my ancestors in Salem." Anna took another sip of her drink, her eyes glowing.

"I see, self preservation. Yet you so willingly rebel against the Elders of the high."

She looked up and sneered.

"Bloody purebloods… thinking that we are all vermin if we are not of pure race."

"Still a bit bitter about the past?"

"Well they did try to wipe out my kind… witches and faerie hybrids are nearly extinct now."

"You know there is more to it than that."
"Yes yes, that old wives tale, the dying breath of a wiccan born fay may bring about the next change. The next change being a new form of ruling…Bla Bla Bla. Goddess, the elders took that way too seriously."

"I never understood that, A new form of ruling?"

She just shrugged.

"Anyway, thanks for the information on Korapth. Can you call me if he returns?"

"I shall, but I think I've had my fill for today, I may head home now." She stood up and smiled, waving at the waiter. He walked towards her and she handed him the sufficient amount of money before picking up the glass and downing the rest in one. She handed the glass to the waiter and nodded politely.

"Thank you for coming miss." She nodded and smiled at Dru.

"Goodbye my friend." She snapped her fingers and Dru watched as Anna's skin grew a warm tint and her ears began to pull back, her eyes became a crystalline blue framed by long lashes. She was left standing there looking totally human, she looked no more than seventeen, with a young face. She smiled once more at Dru and walked towards the exit.