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I know that there

Are other places thatI could be.

Broken promises

When you swore

Never to put a

Pair of violent

Hands to me.

You scream that

You love me.


I know that

I have a purpose:

Calm your fears

And silence your demons.

The mournful wails

Can't haunt you.

As long as I am


You call me your angel.


Hold me.


Warmth and comfort,

It's okay.

I know that when you

Push me against

Your bedroom door,

Cut me down

And leave me bleeding,

It hurts you more

Than it hurts me.

Or so you tell me.

I can't sort the truth

From the lies.


Lost in my own


I'm confused.

What's truly real?

I know that I


But I don't wanna

Give up on you.

I want to believe,

That you still love



Amid hands and a

Haze of anger.

There's liquor on

Your breath.

I beg you please.

Through my tears:

"Don't do this to me!"

It sounds so pathetic

And weak to my ears.

I wish that I was anywhere



It hurts my head!

And my wrists!

I don't know what

I did.

Push me around.

Make me black out.

I don't wanna remember…

I can't bear to hear.

The scorn of the girl

That I used to be.

She'd have stood up

By now,

Told you to get

The hell out of her


Don't look back.

But that is the past.

Will you make her leave?


Confused again.

I know that it's wrong

For you to hit me.

You've broken me down.

There's nothing left now.

The fire that used to

Burn in my eyes,

You stomped it down

Until it died.

You tell me that

I am nothing.

A bitch.

A whore.

I don't think

That I can take much



I don't wanna need you,

So why can't I leave you?

Every night I kiss your mouth,

Make love with you and give

My body over to you.

I obey and sing to you

To help you sleep.

But I wonder why no one

Ever helps me.


Safe with you.

I know that there's


Hope in this Hell.

When you hold me,

No liquor inside you

I see the love

In your eyes.

Take me back

To my warm cocoon.

This is how I

Want it with you.

Don't you want it too?



In this moment.

While time is frozen.

Lucid dreams.

So rare to me.

This is how it

Should be.


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