Abra Jump sat in her window sat with a mug of coffee and stared at the flat opposite. She was on the twelfth floor of her block and the woman she had fallen in love with lived in the flat directly opposite. Ever since May Damson had moved in over there, Abra had been smitten. But May never seemed to leave her flat anymore and the curtains were always drawn. As soon as the sun went down, the light in the flat would glow all night and Abra would sit and watch May. She was just a silhouette, swaying from side to side with her arms at her sides. When the sun came up, the silhouette would fade as the light hit the curtains. Abra would go to bed and then return to her vigil at sundown.

Dorit Banks was a little worried about her roommate. Abra was becoming a little stalkerish. Dorit had mentioned it to her once and Abra had gone ballistic. The flat had been totally trashed and Dorit had never mentioned it again. Maybe it was time to have a little chat with the swaying weirdo across the way. Surely, if the woman could just tell Abra she wasn't interested then things could get back to normal. Dorit scooped up her jacket and left the flat just as the sun was going down and before Abra was awake.

The line of buzzers by the front door each had a name next to it. Dorit ran her fingers down the list until she reached the one she wanted and pressed the button. Nobody answered so she pressed it again, still no answer. Dorit turned away from the door and looked up at the window to her own flat; Abra had taken up her position so this Damson woman must be inside. Dorit stepped aside to let a man pass; he smiled and held the door open for her. Dorit took advantage of this momentary lapse in judgement and followed him inside. The man let himself into one of the flats on the ground floor and Dorit took the lift up to the twelfth.

The corridors looked exactly the same as in Dorit's block. She wandered along until she thought she had the right door, Dorit counted one more time and then shrugged. This had to be the right door. She took a deep breath, raised her hand and knocked. There was light trickling out from under the door and a slight shadow was swaying from side to side.

"I know you're in there" Dorit muttered. She pounded on the door with the side of her fist but the door still didn't open. Dorit checked in both directions before bending down and peering through the keyhole but all she could see was a light at the end of a dark corridor and a very excited looking dog, it was jumping around and wagging its tail. Dorit checked left and right again before taking a small metal device from her back pocket and inserting it into the lock, she gave a sharp twist and the door swung open. Dorit straightened up and slipped the device back in her pocket.

"Thank you daddy" she muttered. Dorit pushed the door open a little further and stepped inside.

Dorit was only a few steps down the hallway when the smell hit her. It was sickly sweet like rotting fruit but there was something heavier about it. It got stronger as she approached the living room; Dorit covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve. The dog was still dancing around but it appeared to be batting something with its front paws. As Dorit watched, the dog suddenly dived forward and, after a brief struggle, jumped backwards. There was a wet, ripping sound and then the dog came back into view. It held a chunk of meat in its jaws but there was a little blood around its muzzle too.

"Hello?" called Dorit. She stepped into the living room and froze. The dog started growling at her but she didn't really notice. Her eyes were glued to the swaying woman. She hung from a light fixture, a noose around her neck. The once pretty face was bloated and swollen; most of her was missing from the thighs down. Obviously the dog had been hungry.

That was why she swayed and seemed to dance alone every night. The dog would bat her from side to side until it could get a good grip and then chow down. Dorit's stomach did a lazy flip. She turned and bolted from the room.

Dorit crashed into her flat and slammed the door behind her. She stood panting for a moment before hurrying into the living room. Abra was still sitting in the picture window, her eyes glued to the swaying form opposite.

"Abs? I need to tell you something about the girl opposite." For the first time in a long time, Abra dragged her gaze away from the dancing figure. Her face was grave and there were deep circles under her eyes.

"I saw you go in. You shouldn't have done that." Dorit felt the sudden change in the atmosphere, a small ball of panic began to expand in her stomach. She took a step back, Abra slipped from the seat and walked towards Dorit.

"What do you mean, Abra?"

"I just wanted to talk to her that was all. But she didn't understand my love. She started screaming and threatening to call the police. I put my hands over her face to keep her quiet but I pushed too hard and she was dead. So I hung her from the light but she still dances for me, Dorit. Will you dance for me?" Dorit stepped backwards again but bumped into the coffee table, she turned and made a dash for the door but Abra was faster.

"Will you dance for me Dorit?" Abra yanked the woman back by her ponytail and hissed in her ear. Dorit tried to scream and Abra wrapped her hands around her throat and squeezed. The room began to spin as the darkness closed in.

Abra sat in the window seat with a mug of coffee and a small smile playing around her lips. Across the way, a figure swayed as if dancing just for her. Abra sipped her coffee and placed the mug on the sill. She got up and spun around the room, raising her face and laughing at the ceiling.

"Dance with us, Dorit!" Abra twirled and twirled, she nudged the still form hanging from the light in the middle of the room. Abra laughed again as Dorit finally danced with her.