It was dark and cold; a musty odour filled the air. Adelaide Crandall opened her eyes and groaned. Her head was pounding and it took a minute or two for her vision to return to normal. A thin film of grey light filtered through a grimy window but there was no other source of light as far as she could see. Adelaide stumbled to her feet and looked around, she could make out vague shapes but that was about it. There was a flight of steps leading up to a door and Adelaide dragged herself up them. She pounded on the door with the flat of her hand and when that had no effect, she used her fist.

"Hey, let me out!" Her hands scrabbled for a door knob but there was nothing there. Adelaide continued to shout until her voice was hoarse and then she turned around and sat down on the top step. She dropped her head into her hands and tried to remember what had happened. Adelaide knew it wouldn't take long before someone noticed she was missing, Kimberley and Tuesday would be home for dinner that evening and if she wasn't there then they would worry.

"I went to the supermarket to get the weekly stuff. I finished there and then went back to the car." Adelaide raised her head, frowning into the darkness. She'd had an argument in the car park. Some stroppy little chav and her gorilla boyfriend said she scratched their car with her trolley. She had refused to give them any of her information because they were parked four spaces apart and they had only picked on her because she had a flashy car.

"I'll fucking get you for this you snobby bitch!" The chav had still been screaming as Adelaide pulled away. Had she been followed home? Did they break in and kidnap her? Take her back to their place and lock her in the basement? Adelaide swallowed and went back down the steps and over to the window. She pulled on it but it was nailed shut and the glass was strange, she just couldn't break it.

"Shit a brick." Adelaide turned in a circle, looking for a way out but there was no other door but the one at the top of the stairs. She suddenly patted herself down, checking her pockets and even her bra and socks. No mobile phone. Bollocks and big fat hairy ones at that. The Chav and her Gorilla probably wanted to kill her. Or rape her. Or rape and kill her.

"Murdered by chavs. How embarrassing" she muttered. Adelaide began to pace the floor when her eyes found something sticking out of a box. She pulled it free and smiled, it was a cricket bat. Footsteps padded across the floor above her head and Adelaide smiled. She crept back up the stairs to the door and hefted the bat over her shoulder. The footsteps moved around for a while and then the door opened. Adelaide screamed swung the bat, wincing as it connected with something. But, to her surprise, the voice that began shouting at her was Kimberley's.

"What the fuck are you doing? Jesus Christ, you fucking bitch!" Kimberley had stumbled backwards into a kitchen that Adelaide recognized as her own. The door opened across the room opened and Tuesday dashed in, she looked confused and then worried.

"What happened?" she cried. Adelaide dropped the bat and leaned against the door frame. The missing memories suddenly rolled back and Adelaide felt her face grow so hot there should have been flames. She had arrived home from the supermarket, put the shopping away and started dinner. There had been a noise from the basement and Adelaide, thinking the neighbour's cat had managed to get in again, had gone to investigate.

"I tripped on the top step and fell down the stairs, I must have blacked out. The door slammed shut behind me and the handle must have come off again. I didn't know where I was. I thought -" Adelaide stopped. She shook her head and threw the bat back down the stairs.

"Let me help you." Adelaide helped Kimberley to her feet and then they went into the living room. Adelaide was fairly certain she would never live this one down.