The promises you made
The promises you didn't keep
A single heart broken
A single soul left to weep.

"It's not you – it's me"
Those are the words you said
And like a tragic song on repeat
Those words are stuck in my head.

The day will come soon though
How I wish you'd wait to see
The day when my heart
Will finally be pain-free.

I would call you for the celebration
For my heart will no longer have you to blame
But by then I'm hoping
I won't even recognize you by name.

For this is what has become of me
I no longer wish to risk my heart
For when you gave it back to me
It was completely ripped apart.

But PLEASE don't worry about ME –
(It'll be easy 'cause you never did)
Why else would you run off with her –
Selling yourself to the lowest bid?

"Forget you!" I tell myself
Because now its officially true
I've thought and thought, and I'm finally tired
Tired of thinking of you.

So here is a final warning
I guess that's how I'll end this
I've missed you all these months
But the next time we meet
I'll be the one you'll miss.

© HalfPast12
18th September 2011
1:40 AM