I woke up to the loud sound of my alarm beeping next to me. I internally groaned and hit the snooze button, only to be awoken by the same sound only a few minutes after. I slam the snooze harder this time, already angry.

"I'M UP!" I yelled at the clock, blowing my hair out of my face. I quickly calmed myself down, pushing my curls out of my face. I got out of bed excitedly, ignoring the sound of my covers hitting the floor. I'll pick them up later. I walked over to my dresser and greeted the picture of my adopted brother as if he was standing in the room. Daniel just went to college 3 weeks ago and I miss him like crazy. We had always been close; we loved to play games together where I could use my extremely active imagination. He would always make fun of me for talking to inanimate objects.

"CASSIDY! BREAKFAST!" My mom yelled up the stairs.


I rushed to get dressed, and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I ran downstairs, zipping up my jeans. Immediately upon my arrival into the kitchen, my little sister, Juliet, wrapped her chubby little arms around my legs.

"Will you make me a waffle?" She said waffle like wiffle and I laughed, nodding.

"Sure, Jules." I picked her up and put her on my back, giving her a piggyback. To the freezer, I went with Juliet squealing with every action I did. When the waffle finally popped out of the microwave, she screamed and hid in my hair.

"What going on in there?" Dad came barging in and we both stared at him, a deer-in-the-headlights look on our faces. Still looking at my Dad, I took Juliet's waffle out of the toaster and handed it to her.

"Here's you wiffle." A smile crept on my face and she giggled loudly. I shifted her to my side, only to see mushy pieces of waffle all over her small fingers, the "wiffle" already gone in her hands.

"I want one more." On the one she held up a fat finger, a serious look on her face. I shook my head.

"No more wiffles for you." I poked her nose and set her down, walking over to start the coffee machine. Juliet ran to my dad and immediately he crouched down and she jumped on his back. It was such a simple act but I knew it meant so much, how he almost subconsciously did it, how natural it was. Suddenly my mom came in the room, sporting gray sweats and a loose ponytail, I tired look on her face.

"Need coffee, hun?" Dad asked, forcing back laughter. She laughed, grabbing a mug out of the cabinet and pouring it herself.

"I'm good." She tiredly smiled and took a sip of her cup. "Oh! Cassidy. The adoption agency called."

"Oh my god, is something wrong with the adoption, I though Daniel signed all the papers? Were there more? Did someone come back for me? What happened? Are they bringing an assassin to come and kill me? What if—"

"Cass, they just wanted to know how you settled in."

"Oh…great. I'm settling in great." I smiled. I had been adopted into this family six years ago from exactly this day. Daniel had always wanted a sister and decided to go looking for one. He started at the orphanage I was staying at. When he first saw me I was standing in a large group of girls, all wearing the same drab gray orphanage uniform, except me. I had been scolded for it all the time but I still did it, I wore bright pink socks. That's when he knew he wanted me. He signed the papers quickly and I immediately became a Rhode. I was taken home to the Rhodes house and was greeted and pampered by a very pregnant version of my Mom. And that is the story of me becoming a Rhode.

"Hey, Dad?" He looked up from playing cars with Juliet.

"Can I borrow some money for the subway, I have to go to school then to work."

"M'kay. There are some tens on the counter next to the door."

"Kay! Thanks!" I hurried out the door, kissing Juliet on the cheek, and grabbing a ten. Once in the crowded streets of NYC, I tried to find the subway station, I knew where it was; it was just obscured by a vast expanse of people. I walked in the direction of it, hoping to stumble across it. Finally I found it and traveled down the crowded steps. It was breezy in the tunnel; I bought a ticket and got on the train. The subway line I took, stopped right across the street from my school, so it was really convenient. The train took three minutes to come and once I got on, I sat and took out my pre-cal book. I looked up from my book and looked around. Across from me there was a group of high school kids, all with large smiles on their faces, an elderly couple, and an African-American man picking his nose. Before I left my house, I reused my old Starbucks cup and put my new coffee in it. But now with all my stuff I'm holding, I put it behind me, on the window tray, because I couldn't hold it. When I looked up I saw one of the high schoolers staring at me. And for the rest of the train ride, she was just staring at me, while I read my textbook. When it was finally my stop, I started grabbing all my stuff and before I could even get an inch of the seat she decided to be snarky.

"Are you gonna take that?" I picked it up and left. The nerve of people these days. Whatever happened to being polite? Once I was back on ground level, I rushed across the street and into my school. The bell rung in three minutes so I rushed to my locker as quickly as possible, pushing my blonde curls out of my face.

"Hey, Cassidy!" I waved in the direction of the voice kept jogging. While people kept yelling hellos, I kept smiling and waving, all while running. When I finally reached my locker I stuffed everything in it except for my ballet shoes and sheet music. Today was Thursday so I had P.E. and music first. I slung my bag around my shoulders, fast-walking to room 16. The late bell rang and I collapsed into my seat.

"I'm in my seat! I'm not late!" Ms. Mang glanced at me, then resumed to the book on her desk. The whole class now had their eyes on me. I blushed and took out my book to read throughout the useless piece of fifteen minutes that the school district plastered at the beginning of the school day. My friend Tami, tapped me from behind me. I turned around to find her eyes wet and her face red.

"Aw, Tams. What's wrong?" I whispered.

"Jacob broke up with me." She said breathlessly, a tear tricking down her cheek. I caught it with my thumb and took her hand.

"I'm sorry, Hun, you know—"

"Ms. Rhodes? Would you mind turning around spending these fifteen minutes like everyone else in the room?" I turned around, giving Tami's hand one last squeeze. My book was terrible and I didn't want to read it especially since I could hear Tami making sad little whimpers behind me. When the bell finally rang signaling the end of class, I immediately looked back at her, but she was already gone.

I walked up to the huddled figure standing near her locker; I could hears her sad whimpering now.

"Hey Tams." She looked at me her eyes red and puffy. "Do you need the song?"

"Oh god, Cass, not the song." Even though she showed resentment, I saw her eyes go just a bit lighter. I opened my mouth to start. "God, Cass." She looked around the hallway and into her locker.

"Happy, happy Tamicorn! Happy, happy Tamicorn! Swinging on some rainbows, happy happy Tamicorn!"

"Cass, stop."

"HAPPY HAPPY TAMICORN, BARFING UP SOME GLITTER, HAPPY HAPPY TAMICORN!" Then she started laughing, while I danced around the hallway, singing her song.

"CASS, STOP!" I walked over to her, a little dizzy.


"Just a little."

"Okay, next order of business."

"Oh, god what now?" Just then Jacob walked past, I grabbed her wrist and stomped right up to him. I heard Tami scream in protest, her face dark.

"Hey, Cass. What's up?" He didn't even look at Tami, and I hear her mumble bastard.

"It was because you're gay, huh?" He was taken aback.

"What?!" Tami screamed, a deep rose blush covering her pale cheeks. Jacob's eyes were wide, his mouth open.

"I knew it!" I flipped him the bird and left, Tami in tow. Once we were a safe distance away, Tami started laughing. Like, full on hysterical laughter.

"Yes, Tami?" I asked her, laughing at her tomato-red face.

"THAT WAS SO AWESOME! I stuck my tongue out at him! Thank you Cassidy! I feel so much better now."

"I really do think it was because he was gay." And we laughed all the way to our next period.

I took a seat in my Honors Chemistry class. Everyone around me already had their notebooks out, taking extensive notes. I desperately tried to keep up, but man these people take notes fast. I mean I'm smart and all that stuff but this is just crazy. They're writing at least a word per half second or something. I heard someone walk into the room; I couldn't look over, while I was painfully dragging behind in taking my notes. The person in the room must have given the teacher something, because she momentarily stopped teaching and looked down at a little piece of paper. Thankful of some time to catch up on my notes, I quickly start writing again. I try to ignore the fact that practically the whole classroom if finished and is sitting quietly in their seats.

"Cassidy Rhodes." My head pops up to the sound of my name.


"You're going home." I could feel the classroom's stare.

"What? Why?" I'm sure my eyes were extremely wide right now.

"Do I look like I'm omniscient to you?" I almost laughed at her choice of vocabulary.


"Okay, so grab your bag and head to the office." I stared at her. "Now!" I jumped out of my daze, and grabbed my notebook and binder. Sloppily stuffing them into my bag, I left the room, a blush still slightly visible on my skin.

All of the possible scenarios passed through my mind as I walked to the office, where my Mom was waiting. Maybe Juliet died. Maybe Daniel came home. Maybe some relative died and the funeral was today. Maybe I had a doctor's appointment. I don't think I remember having one. Maybe we're getting a cat. Maybe a dog!

I reached the office and I saw my mom standing there, talking to the receptionist. When I entered, she turned around her eyes wide and an envelope in hand. The envelope was already opened, I noticed, its top ripped open. She looked probably the most excited I've ever seen her.

"That better be money since you're so excited." She hugged me. There in the middle of the office, better yet in the middle of my school, my mother was hugging me. "Okay, now you have to tell me what's in there."

"You were accepted!" She did a little dance, a smile spread over her face.

"To?..." she handed me the envelope, still smiling like a moron.

"Do you remember when we applied to that very fancy boarding school in Florida?" I opened the letter; it was an acceptance letter to the Peirce Boarding Academy of Sports, and Visual and Performing Arts.

"I got in!" I was literally jumping for joy. "Why is it so late? It's practically three weeks into my junior year."

"They didn't have a spot until now. A ballerina broke her toe and you number one on the waiting list." I was in tears; this had been my dream school for literally 12 years. When I didn't get in freshman year I was heart-broken. I decided to go to my home high school and re-apply every semester. This is the first time I got in.

"That's amazing!" I thought for a second. "Not about the girl and her toe breaking, that's terrible, but I mean that I got in."

"Kay, Hun. But we have to leave right now; they want you there immediately. Which is, like, tomorrow."

"Why are we still here?"

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