What's better than waking up and knowing you going have coffee? Waking up and having coffee.

I jerked awake by the sound of a door closing. I sat up in my bed, my brain still fuzzy with sleep.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," Hayden said, sliding off his shoes. I shook my head.

"It's fine brosef," I said waving him off. He gave me a look and set the coffee he was holding on my bedside table.

"Don't call me brosef." I took the coffee from the table and folded my legs under me.

"Don't expect coffee tomorrow morning," I stated matter-of-factly. He guffawed, obviously not expecting such a low blow.

"You wouldn't." Nodding, I took a sip of my cappuccino. Hayden glared at me.

"Fine. But with a limit of once a day," he said, collapsing onto his bed.

"You bet yah!" I got out of my bed and pulled my suitcase out from under my bed.

"So, Cass. You excited for your first day of classes?"

"Well, you see, the beginning of classes means the beginning of homework, which as the name implicates, means actual work. On the flipside, I do quite enjoy music class and I believe I'm taking ballet, so there's that. So the I guess the real question is am I excited for my first day of classes?" I gave him a look over my shoulder.

"I say yes you are." I picked up some clothes from my suitcase and kicked it under my bed again.

"Okay. Whatever you say. Now look away." He rolled his eyes and turned towards the wall.

"You know, I was think—"

"No you cannot watch me change, perv."

"But why?"

"You're such a whore."

"Do you still want coffee tomorrow?"

"Don't pull that shit with me." At that moment, two slips of paper were pushed under our door and landed gracefully in front of Hayden's bed. He turned to look at me and picked up the slips.

"It's our schedules," he explained after seeing my expression.

"So they pay people just to slide the students schedules under their dorm room doors?" I question, plopping onto my bed.

"No. If you're a slider you get to a pass to skip a day of school, one per semester. A lot of the sliders have competitions on how fast they can pass out a whole floor. It's the most high demanded job on campus," he clarified, passing me my schedule.

I excitedly unfolded it and ran through my classes.

Period 1: Honors Ballet / Dance Studio / Frasher Arts Hall / Ms. Jacobs

Period 2: AP Biology / Room 112 / Kennedy Hall / Mrs. Park

Period 3: Ceramics 1A / Ceramic Studio / Frasher Arts Hall / Mr. Smith

Period 4: Advanced Music / Music Room / Frasher Arts Hall / Mr. Silton

Period 5: AP French / Room 108 / Jones Building / Mme. Chaton

Period 6: AP Music Theory / Music Room / Frasher Arts Hall / Mr. Silton

"Well I have more than half my classes in Frasher," I said, looking at Hayden. He laughed.

"It's okay. You're an arts kid, it's supposed to be like that."

"Is it normal for them to have three AP classes?" He gave me a look.

"You're taking three APs?" He exclaimed.

"According to my current schedule."

"Well, what are they?" I glanced down at my schedule.

"Biology, French, and Music Theory," I almost laughed when I saw his face. "What do you have? I bet it's all like Honors Playbook Memorizing, or AP Swim." He gave me a look. "Wait, you have to be shitting me."

I held out my hand and he gave me his schedule.

Period 1: Advanced Conditioning / Weight Room / West Gym / Coach Reed

Period 2: AP Biology / Room 112 / Kennedy Hall / Mrs. Park

Period 3: JV Swim Team / Swimming Pool / East Gym / Coach Miller

Period 4: Honors U.S. History / Room 202 / Jones Building / Mr. Myers

Period 5: Physical Education 2B / West Gym / Coach Carter

Period 6: Varsity Football / Football Field / Coach Reed

"Are you cereal? This is your schedule." He snatched it from my hand.

"I'm the captain of the football team, I do a lot of conditioning type stuff." I give him a questioning look. "Hey! I'm not the one taking," he snatches my schedule, "Honors Ballet."

"I'm an arts student, I need to be skilled in many arts." He rolled his eyes at me. "We are gonna be late, let's get some breakfast."

"Fine. But this squabble is not resolved." We pulled on our coats and slipped on our shoes. Then we were off.

"Am I going to get to meet your best-est of best friends?" I said, sliding my arm through his.

"Do you wanna meet my best-est of best friends?"

"I bet you have so many." He looked down at me.

"Oh, absolutely. So many." I started to skip in front of him, livid with excitement.

"I'm so excited. I gonna meet Hayden's best-est of best friends." He smiled and jogged to catch up with me.

We stood waiting in line for our food. I clutched my tray to my chest, as if it was holding my organs in due to excessive excitement.

"Giving you caffeine was such a bad idea," Hayden chuckles. We were pushed forward in line and came to rest upon a surly looking woman.

She gives us a tired smile. "Hello Hayden, what would you like?" He smiles at her and asks politely for some eggs. She complies, then moves her eyes to me. "Who's your friend?"

"Hi I'm Cassidy!" I stuck out my hand. She took it with a smile.

"I'm Edith."

"That's a lovely name." She looks at Hayden. He only gives her a shrug.

"What would you like, dear?" I looked down at the options. There were so many. Eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and sausage adorned the metal countertop. "Well you see—" Hayden, then, decided to take the initiative.

"Waffles and hash browns," He answered for me. I turned to scold him but I was forcefully pushed down the line and towards the registers. Hayden swiped a card through a scanner and continued into the cafeteria. Confused, I looked desperately towards the cashier. He was a young boy, probably a student.

"Do you have your CafeCard?" he asked.

"CafeCard?" I asked, my face contorting with confusion. He was about to answer when Hayden came over, rolling his eyes, and swiped his card for me. I smiled politely at the cashier and followed him.

"You didn't have to pay for me. I totally had it down."

"Oh, of course, that's why you looked at him so weird. You just had everything under control."

I tried to act casual, "Exactly. So Hayden…what's a CafeCard?"

"Jesus, Cass. Are you serious?" We reached a table full of people I didn't know. Hayden plopped down next to a plain-looking brunette, placing an arm around her. I looked down at him, confused once again. I glanced around the table and recognized a face. Was his name Alex?

"Ey, love." Alex (?) called, gesturing toward the seat next to him. I sat down.

"Alex, right?" He nodded, a smirk making it's way onto his face.

"Cassie, right?"

"Actually, it's—"

"Everybody," he announced, "this is Cassie!"

The table stopped all conversation and looked at me. Unexpectedly, a chorus of greeting came my way. The bubbly red head introduced herself as Paprika (like the color of her hair), a lanky boy with voluminous blonde hair by the name of Wolfgang shook my hand, a dramatic boy with turquoise hair announced himself as Draco, and a short, slim girl, slightly representing an elf called herself Anya. The only two people that hadn't introduced themselves were the brunette next to Hayden and a dark-skinned girl, who looked like she was hiding behind Wolfgang.

"This," Hayden said, motioning to the brunette next to him, "is Jasmine." The girl gave me a annoyed look and started to peel her banana. Hayden cleared his throat.

"And this—" He began.

"Is Jenna," Wolfgang finished for him, giving Hayden a quick look that said to cut it out. The girl behind him waved politely at me, then went back to letting her hair fall in front of her face and eating her pancakes. Quietly, I began to shovel hash browns into my mouth. This was awkward.

"So are you guys arts or athletics?" They slowly made their way around the table. Paprika, Alex, Anya, and (of course) Hayden were athletics, and Wolfgang, Draco, Jasmine, and Jenna were arts. "Cool." And so the awkwardness resumed. Finally someone decided to pipe up. It was Wolfgang.

"So Cassie, are you arts or athletics?" he asked.

"Um, my name is actually Cassidy and I'm an arts kid," I shot him a smile and a peace sign. Jasmine looked at me weird.

"Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. When Alex said—"

"Oh no! It's completely fine."

"You know we are having this party thing in the basement of Madison, you should come," Wolfgang suggested.

"It's fine, you don't have to—"

"You should totally come. It's gonna be super chill, and you'll know someone," Paprika said, motioning to herself and Wolfgang.

"Well, I guess I could come," I replied lamely.

"We'll see you there," Alex purred, giving me a wink.

"Alex." Anya warned, "Stop flirting with the new kid."

"But it's so fun," he whined seductively (if that's even possible), giving me a deep look.

"Uh…" Needless to say, I was a little uncomfortable. But then Hayden jumped out of his seat and threw his backpack over his shoulder.

"Kay guys, me and Señorita Cassidy must be off." He grabbed my arm and guided me out and away from the cafeteria.

"Hayden, you know we have like twenty minutes until class starts right?"

"Oh, I am very aware of that particular piece of information, but I have decided to walk you to your first period despite my first period being on the other side of campus," he explained.

"Aw, thanks Horsey." I leaned into him and slid my arm through his, a little skip in my step.

"Oh and by the way. My friends hate you."

"Wait, what? I thought they loved me. Wolfgang was being nice and so was Paprika, of course Alex was hitting on me and all but that's just his personally right? Jasmine seemed a little pissed off by me but I guessed it was just her general demeanor, what about Anya, she seemed nice. Draco and Jenna didn't even speak. Oh god, I bet you they thought I was to pushy. I mean they couldn't have all hated me. Right?" I looked up at him, tears welling in my eyes. He gave me a long serious look, I was an inch away from bursting into tears. Suddenly, he burst out laughing.

"Dude! I'm totally shitting you, they loved you." He stood laughing in front of me, holding his stomach. "You should have seen your face! Priceless."

I marched up to him, wiping away a loose tear. With all the force my little body could muster, I slapped him in the face. To enhance the drama, I marched away, my sandals slapping against the concrete walkway. Behind me I heard Hayden calling after me, saying it was a joke. The calls were ignored as I made my way to what I thought was the Frasher Arts Building. Luckily the large building, easily the newest building on campus, with dark wood walls and large windows, was indeed Frasher. As confident as I could, I hitched my backpack higher on my shoulders, wiped away the excess tears, and marched confidently inside. People crowded the hallways, some laughing in large groups, others being artistically introverted. Ballerinas pranced through the hallways and impromptu jazz bands played freely. It was an artists dream world.