Taking a deep breath, I jumped. The feeling of falling was amazing. It gave me great joy, a feeling of freedom. I didn't dare close my eyes, for then I would have missed the beautiful scene set before me. I was looking up towards the sky. Painted on the clear blue sky were clouds of pastel whites and bright golds of sunshine. A smile of the purest joy graced my lips and I found myself in paradise.

This paradise was untainted by the rest of the world. Others couldn't wreck this dream. This was warmth. This was my love. This was the love I gave to the universe. As I spread my arms out I felt like I was embracing the world. Embracing the past, the present, and the future. It didn't matter what had happened, I gave my forgiveness. It didn't matter what happened now, I would love unconditionally. It didn't matter what would happen in the future, I would always be there.

As I fell farther down I couldn't help but feel more alive then I ever had before. I felt as if I was part of the world. I could feel everything, and everyone.

I am with you, I screamed in my head, a message to all. I could tell you for a fact, it didn't matter who, where, or what you were, you could feel me. We are all connected. Feel this connection.

This is the world speaking to you through me. I am the messenger. Hear me now.

As I neared the surface of the water there was a a bright flash of light. From the light, I flew away in the form of a pure white dove.

I may change form, but I will forever be me. I am forever the messenger. The messenger for the world. Hear me now, hear me always.