[Here's the full plot:

'Jasper, being a noble, was supposed to be wed to his cousin, Dominic, but after that falls apart, the two are separated. However, mysterious murders are killing off grave-robbers and cemetery keepers alike...and a new enemy, like never before, attacks'... causing Dominic to flee back into Jasper's kingdom. With the outside pressures of a zombie apocalypse, is there any possible way the two can get over what broke them apart before?'

Alright, now onto the story~]


A sharp crack echoed throughout the halls, sending those gathered into a panic.

"The Queen! The Queen!"
"Her spine! Is it?"
"The heir!"
"Is it, is it…?"

The castle was thrust into a fury of chaos. A doctor turned to the crowd, telling them to hush. The crowd obeyed. Chaos settled, the doctor turned to the women in a thin sheet – the Queen – and grabbed one of her frail wrists. He felt around, checking a few spots, until returning to the patient, yet anxious crowd.

"The Queen…has passed." His voice was laced with sadness. The queen had been a great ruler beside her husband.

"The heir! Is she…?" a deep, concerned voice asked, eyes downcast at the dead queen. The man stroked her hair lovingly. This was the King.

He had broad shoulders, and a proud, yet young face. His determined eyes how hard he had worked in his years that he had been working, how much he'd seen. His eyes held a library of knowledge, yet knew how to be kind when the need arouse.

A cry pierced the air in response. The doctor's gloved hands scooped up the baby.
"Yes, the heir is fine. However…" The King took the baby from the doctor.

Raising the baby up high to the crowd, the King smiled.
"This is the new fiancée of Prince Raiden! She shall rule as one of the best in the land!" he announced. The marriage between this who was born and Prince Raiden had been long since arranged – settled by land, money, and jewels. Applauding and cheering encased the hallways, as those who were invited and attended the birth of the heir were delighted. This was their future too.

The King cradled his daughter, and pulled up the thin wrapping she was enclosed in, until his eyes turned cold.

"It is a boy." His voice was quiet, barely audible. The crowd hushed.

"Yes, Your Highness, he is." The doctor nodded, confirming his fears.

"We needed a girl." He said this emotionless, his voice as solid as rock.
Eyes watched the doctor, questioningly, wonder how we was going to respond.

"With all due respect, Sir, I cannot choose the gender of your child." The doctor said timidly.

"I cannot marry this child to another male! And my wife has passed!" Anger, barely concealed, danced in the King's eyes.

"In hindsight, Sir, it may have been better to agree to marriage after the child had been born…" Suddenly, the doctor found the floor very interesting.

"DO NOT TELL ME HOW TO RULE. GET OUT!" His voiced encased the hallways, bouncing from wall to wall, causing a few surprised noises out of the crowd around. They had never seen their king mad.

Collecting his supplies, the doctor strode out quickly, his head down, watching the crimson red carpet. Curious eyes followed him.

"All of you! Leave me to my peace!" Speaking to the rest of those who had appeared to watch and witness the birthing, they left in a herd, pushing and shoving to get out of the angered king's wrath.

Once along, the king hugged his son once again, wondering how he was to settle the agreement with the Raiden family - with his brother and his betrothed. How would they take this news – the news that their heir was also a male?.*

He turned to his wife. She would have known what to do. But isn't how that always goes? The one who would be the most help dies first. A tear slid down his face at the loss of his beloved wife. Her tinkly voice was flat now, not heard ever again. Her light blonde hair already seemed duller, not glowing with the liveliness it had when she was breathing.

Two horrid happenings in twenty minutes: An heir he cannot marry and his only love had passed away.
Somehow, the kind felt it was his fault.

* A/N: *cough* Yes, I know that reading Kuroshitsuji does not make me the poster child for knowing how noble families used to work, but in this case, the newborn heir (named Jasper) will be marrying his cousin, Dominic, so that the blood is kept 'pure'. Granted, they're both guys, so it's not like it matters. *snicker* Just clearing that up~! ^^

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