I've been in love before. I know how this idea grows and entangles my brain with vines of illusions and wistful thinking.

But... But, but, but...

I feel as though this is different. (Which may be a delusion lurching around the edges of my psyche, waiting to tear me apart.) I feel like our souls easily intertwine into something so much more luminescent and peaceful than anything we could ever be on our own. Such fertile ground upon which to place the seeds of a relationship.

Relationship. Connection. Channel for growth of the spirit.

I desire intimacy, and limitless capacities for understanding. I desire the flux in energy caused by grasping the hand of another. I desire the comfort of blending two willing auras into one billowing mist of love, and caring.

I want to break down the walls of fear, and engage every molecule of empty space in a slow, gentle dance; brimming with kisses and hugs, and consolations.

I wish to sleep in one bed and grasp the physical body of the person floating throughout my subconscious; freely, and polka-dotted with warmth.

I wish to be loved in return.