"You want us to always be together,"

You say to me with a sigh and roll of eyes.

And I can only sigh and smile,

For in my heart, this is my utopia.

In honesty, the gravity of what binds us

Brings a comfort to my heart that none else can.

Always, since those early days,

My heart has had a hole without you.

So scoff or roll your eyes or laugh at my utopia.

But in the end, nothing will change the fact

That when I'm with you that hole fills up.

For in your arms, shouldn't my cares fade away?

When I'm in your arms, they do.

And when I'm falling asleep with my head on your lap,

Shouldn't I feel complete…for I do.

And when your words and laughter reach my ears,

Shouldn't the peals slow my heart's erratically panicked pace?

For they do.

And when I fall asleep beside you,

When the snow and the wind outside rage

And protect me from the harsh, cold grip of reality,

When I wake to the smell of food

That makes me so nostalgic I almost want to cry…

When I know the bonds of blood keep us together, regardless…

When I hear you say that you love me…

Shouldn't that fill me to overflowing, even if only for a second,

With the contentment and peace that I've always lacked?

Because it does.

So, yes, if I must admit, I want us always together.

I love you, so I don't care if you laugh at my utopia.

Among our ranks, what are a few jibes anyways?

Can we not be forgiven?

And does not the warmth and ease of blood bind us?

So laugh at my utopia…just don't turn away.