Lost Me.

Even she didn't know who she had become.

I never really thought this is what I would be.

I've lost a sense of the old me.

This is what I've become - a new identity,

Something no one could see through - like one two three.

It's become rather easy, to forget the past and live,

But I can't help but wonder, was I ever missed?

I'm always on the go, no time to reminisce,

I've never even had my first kiss.

You may see me as a whole new person;

Hell, I even have a new name and contact number.

But I look back and see who I really am,

And think all that was just a scam.

Guns, killer weapons - it's now my life,

I've got people at my feet with a flick of a knife.

Jumping down buildings and stabbing straight through hearts,

I've lost me, and I'm falling apart.