The Ice Queen

She steps down Her throne; abruptly,
and whips around like wind,
the sound echoing in your mind.

She screams at you,
shouting your faults and blame,
making your eardrums burst.

you stare at Her mouth,
forming words with the wrong accent,
you smirk inwardly,for She lacked skill.

your face a blank,remains a blank
as She obliges you to
a slap; a resounding snap.

She towers with power,
brandishing blow by blow
with a warrior's scream; as if you were the enemy.

She stops,so you can breathe for regret,
so you can feel for remorse.
Then starts all over again.

you could taste iron,
breathing in the metal taste,you are
tempted to puke,and you do.

She screams.

Her weapon, lethal in Her hand
hits you,physically scarring.

as She hovers above your remains,

She whispers in the air,with truth
and shiver and kneel,
the whisper carried around in the night.

Her breathless comment,stops your breathing.
you finally feel something in you,
yet you gulp it down.

She turns and stalks Her way
to Her throne, and it is as before

you creep to your prison

you set yourself to the chain.
And as you lay your head,
Her whispers haunt you,

wide awake in sleep, you lay there.
waiting for another day,

to start all over again-

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