Lenora Lloyd

I Come in Peace

From not far, I watch you speak,
Measure your walk
With reddened cheek.
I mean you no harm.

From nearby, I watch you work,
Obey your wishes,
Hide my smile with a smirk.

From up close, I watch you think,
I feel you suffer,
I see you shrink.
I promise, I wish you no harm.

From close by, I watch you lie,
I know you hide,
I've seen you cry.
On my life, I mean you no harm

By your side, I hold your hand,
Feel your heart in your wrist expand.
By your side, I speak warm words,
Give life to feelings which fly like birds.

I come in peace from an alien land
Where no one feels and no one lies,
Where no one floats and no one flies.
I have left this land to view your skies.

Do you trust me now?
I mean you no harm.