Hi guys! So, I came up with this idea during my brain storming for BFF Moments. Don't ask how I got from BFF Moments to this, cause' I have no idea myself. This is only the Prologue, so It's shorter that a regular chapter.

Most people say dreams come true, well they have no idea how literal it is for me.

I lay in my bed, asleep. The only thing I see is the thing I see every night, only the ending is different.

A girl with goddess like blond hair and intense green eyes gets out from her green hybrid. She slowly makes her way up the steps.

I can feel her emotions.

She gets a wave of uneasiness, but keeps going, as if she knows she has to do this. She continues up the steps only to find a figure dressed in black cloth awaiting her arrival.

"ah" he says. "Scarlet, I've been waiting for you"

"I know" the girl, who's name is apparently Scarlet, says.

"are you ready?" the black figure asks her.

"always" she tells him.

"right this way" he says, directing his hand to the empty room before them.

Only, instead of following like she usually does, she spreads her arms out and falls down the steps.

Her bloody figure lies on the ground below the stairs. The black figure shakes his head angrily.

That's all that I see. It keeps repeating all night long.

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