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Well, onto chapter 2!

A Dream Come True
Chapter Two

As I woke up from my fainting spell, the first thing I noticed was the softness of the thing I was laying on. Really, it felt like a cloud. I mean, if I knew what a cloud felt like, then it would feel like a cloud.
Then I noticed the faces hovering above me. I blinked, then blinked again. They were still there, so that means I wasn't halucinating, right?
The faces looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place them. One of them wore blonde hair and blu eyes, similar to me, another wore hair that you could only get with multiple products and a curling iron and the next one was Liam.

"Where am I?" I mumbled, the words feeling foreign against my tongue.
A tall figure, one I hadn't noticed before spoke; he resembled what I think Zeus would look like, but I dismissed the notion of him being the king of the gods nearly immediatly, and concluded that I really was halucinating.
"Home, Darling," the halucination spoke.
Ohmigosh! I have gone crazy! He just spoke! To me, none the less!
I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers, willing them to go away when I reopened my eyes.
"What are you doing?" a sweet voice, one that I thought to be hair girl's, asked.
""For what?" another voice asked. I could almost feel her twinkling blue eyes against my eyelids.
"For me not to be insanse," I muttered half-heartedly. Great, now I was talking to my halucinations.
A deep voice chuckled, and I knew without looking that he was the halucination. "You're not crazy, darling."
"Sure I'm not, I'm just talking to halucinations." I muttered under my breath, hoping they couldn't hear me.
"We are not halucinations, we are real."
"Really?" I asked, opening my eyes and letting them refocus on the room before continuing. "So you're really Zeus and she's my mother?" Note the sarcasm.
"Yes." he stated with a serious face.
I sat up. "Okay, Liam." I said, turning to face him. "Are you pranking me? Do you think that, in you deranged mind, this is funny?"
He scoffed, "I'm offended to the highest degree possible. You think I, of all people, have a deranged mind?"
"Yes, Liam, yes I do. Remember last year when you tipped my house and got me in trouble for it, then laughed for two weeks straight?" By this point, I forgot all about my halucinations and only thought about good comebacks.
"That was different!" he said denyingly.
"What a wonderful comeback that was." I muttered sarcastically, then said. "I also remember a certain incident when someone stole my homework and duct taped it underneath my desk."
"Okay, that was funny. You didn't find it until a week after it was due."
"Well I got you back pretty good."
He narrowed his eyes, "I'll have you know-" he was interupted by the halucination.
"As much as we enjoy watching your childish antics," we scoffed in unison. "we have a meeting to get to, so I need Η κόρη μου* to get dressed." I stared at him with wide eyes, not thinking that he was suposidly Zeus, the Greek god, but thinking that he just called me his daughter.
"Did he just...?" Liam asked.
"Are you sure he...?"
I nodded.
"Yeah." I breathed.

He nodded, "I think we need to hear them say it."
I agreed, "Who are you?" I asked my alleged mother, the halucination I was less afraid to hear confirm my suspicions.
"I am Olivia, your mother." I nodded, not fully exepting the explaination, but not pushing it aside either.
I took a deep breath and turned to the halucination. "And who are you?"
"I am your father, Zeus of Olympus." I started to nod then stopped abruptly.
"What?" I squeaked.
"Melissa, I am your father."
Liam snorted, being the Star Wars fan that he was.
"Are you sure?" I asked, searching his face for any signs that he was joking. I found none.
"Yes, I am sure that you are my daughter. Do you not recognise the high cheekbones and straight nose we share?"
I searched his face again, this time looking for a resemblance. He was right, the cheekbones and noses were the same.
I nodded, "Okay, tell me something only my father would know."
"You have a birthmark on your left hip shaped faintly like a thunderbolt, when you were born you were bald, we used to go fishing together on the lake behind out house and I watched you on your first date with that god awful boy, Jerry."
I was about to blow up in his face about that bald comment, but forgot about it as soon as my head wrapped around the fact that only my parents would know about my birthmark and how we used to fish on the lake.
Something clicked in my head; I'm not sure quite how to describe it, I just knew.
"Daddy?" I whispered.
I threw my arms around his neck and hold on tightly as he swung me around.
When he put me down, I faced my mother. "Hi, baby girl." she said and I ran towards her. She wrapped her arms around my midsection and burried her face in my hair.

I forgot about the hair girl until I asked my mother in a whisper, "Who's the other one?"
The 'other one' in question laughed, "I'm your aunt."
"I meant your name," I stated.
"You can call me Aunt Athena."
My eyes invoulentarily widened. Athena? Athena was my aunt? Ohmigosh!
My thought process apparently hadn't quite started yet, since it thought back to my Dad's sentence which interupted the argument Liam and I were having at the time.
"Did you say you had a meeting to get to?" I asked him.
He smiled, "Yes, and you're coming too. You need to meet the family."
The family? Holy crabs; I was going to meet the gods.

I have done my research on Greek mythology for this story (wonderful excuse if you ask me) and I think I'll invent some stuff. I mean, I'll keep the fact that Persephone and Hades are, you know, uncle and neice, but I'll throw away the whole Aphrodite birth thing (ewww!) and the whole 'not sleeping in the same bed twice' thing the gods tend to do. =)

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