Chapter 1: Monsters during Halloween

Dedicated to CrazedBySugar

Special thanks to: Dragon-Rider II

The story starts on a dark and chilly Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters were seen roaming from house to house on an empty street, dressed as various creatures from your wildest imagination.

At the end of the street was an old large house that looked to be slowly breaking down into shambles. Most people never even bothered to enter the house because they believed that it was empty. Besides, who would want to live in such an old house? It probably didn't even have electricity. Little did the people of the town know was that the house wasn't even empty. In fact it was a home for three lonely monsters.

A hairy man sat on top of a kitchen counter and looked outside through a nearby window. From his view you could clearly see a full moon. This made the hairy man begin to howl. He waited a second for a reply, but when the rest of the world seemed to stay silent he began to howl again.

Nearby a coffin slowly began to open up and a pale man dressed in black began to gradually come out. He scowled as he looked at the wolf man. The man's sleep deprived facial expression didn't look happy in the slightest to see his noisy friend.

"Will you shut up Wolf? I'm trying to get some rest, but I can't sleep with your constant howling."

"I'm sorry, Milosh," Wolf said apologetically, "It's just the animal instinct. I mean, it's a full moon." Wolf said the words 'full moon' as if that would make all the difference, but this only turned Milosh's anger into annoyance.

"Yeah yeah, just be glad it was me you woke up and not Frank. If you were to wake him up..." Milosh shuttered thinking of what could have happen before finishing, "you're guaranteed to kiss your life good bye."

Wolf's eyes widened as he put his hands to his chest, "I like my life, Milosh."

"I know you do," Milosh whispered back, "So be quiet and get some sleep."

Wolf got down from the counter and curled up into a doggy bed and tried to close his eyes to go to sleep but his efforts were in vain. The outside world, which had long been a world that Wolf was forbidden to even step foot into, was just too bright.

The light from nearby street lights lit up the sky making it far too bright to even shut your eyes. You could even hear the laughs and shouts of young kids as they went door to door collecting candy.

The worst part was that the window didn't even have blinds so Wolf couldn't even protect himself from the light. He wished he were like Milosh. He would just hide his face in the coffin and not have to worry about anything until morning.

Eventually Wolf let out a sigh and walked back to the window to look up at the moon some more. He was about to let out another howl, but this time he caught himself and covered his mouth.

'I mustn't howl.' He chanted in his head, 'I mustn't howl or else Milosh will be mad.'

As Wolf looked out he spotted a little boy walk past the house. The boy was about the age of nine and dressed in black with a cape. When Wolf looked closer he could also see that the boy had fangs. Wolf smiled and wagged his tail at the unusual sight. He had seen humans walk past the window before but none had looked like this kid. He looked just like Milosh.

Wolf continued to watch the people more; so many of them didn't even look human to him. Did this mean that he wasn't the only monster? This town was currently filled with monsters and they roamed the streets so freely. Maybe something had happened and monsters didn't have to hide anymore. Wolf had to share this news with Milosh. Who cares if he's trying to sleep, this news couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Wolf hopped down from the counter and strolled over to Milosh's coffin once again. Then he began to franticly knock on it waiting for him to open up.

"Milosh, wake up! Wake up, Milosh! I have great news!"

"What is it?" Milosh said, giving Wolf an angry look. Wolf was bad at reading facial expressions, but he knew enough to tell that this time Milosh looked even angrier than before, but Wolf decided to let it slide. He believed that Milosh would cheer up when he knew the new news for himself, but it wasn't enough just for him to hear about it; he had to see it.

"We need to go outside! I'll explain later!" Wolf shouted pulling on his friend's arm, trying to carry him to the door.

"Outside," Milosh repeated, his voice suddenly becoming alarmed, "Wolf, you know we aren't allowed to be seen by humans. They'll try to kill us," Milosh said.

"No, things are different now! I swear!" Wolf said.

Milosh still didn't fully believe his friend but he agreed to follow anyway. He was curious toward what Wolf had seen.

When the two reached the door Wolf began to fiddle with the door knob and latch. It had been so long ago since the door had last been open so it made a lot of noise.

As soon as he got the door unlocked the boys suddenly felt a cold hand grab their shoulders.

"Where do you think you're going?" a mysterious yet calm voice asked.

The two boys' eyes widened. They knew who was behind them and they were both too terrified to turn around because they knew the person behind them wasn't pleased.

"H-hey F-Frank it's n-nice to see y-you," Milosh stammered.

"Y-yes g-good m-morning, s-sir," Wolf added and Milosh slapped him.

"It's not morning yet, dumby!" Milosh said.

"Oh yeah, goodnight sir," Wolf said, finally turning around with Milosh to look at Frank.

Frank was really tall and also really muscular. His skin was green and he had bolts coming out from his forehead. At the moment he was glaring at Wolf and Milosh with a look that was a mix of confusion and betrayal.

"Where are you two going?" he repeated.

"Well we aren't sneaking out of the house if that's what you think," Wolf said with a guilty smile.

"Idiot," Milosh said, slapping Wolf on the back of his head once again. "Anyways sir, this wasn't my idea. Wolf said that I had to come with him."

Frank frowned and began to shake his head in disgust, "Come on, Wolf, you know that we can't leave this house. Humans are so cruel. They consider us to be monsters. If they see any one of us they'll try to kill you."

"I know, I know but this is different. I saw more people like us outside. Believe me, I'm telling the truth," a sincere Wolf pleaded.

Milosh and Frank exchanged glances. Neither was very sure what to think, but they decided to believe their friend. Wolf may not be the brightest kid on the block but he wasn't a liar either. They believed he must have seen something.

"Wow, it's been so long since I've last been outside." Frank admitted as soon as he stepped outside.

"It's kind of cold. I like the inside better." Milosh admitted. His arms were wrapped around himself in an attempt to keep himself warm but the cold wind continued to blow, making the vampire shiver more and more.

Wolf smiled and wagged his tail. He ran all over the yard like a puppy dog being brought out on a walk for the first time.

"I still don't know about this," Frank said.

Out of everyone, he knew the best just how cruel humans could be. So many people had tried to kill him and yet here he was at least a thousand years later, alive and well.

Unlike Milosh and Wolf, Frank had long given up. He didn't believe that he still had a purpose left on Earth nor did he believe that humans could ever be trusted.

While Milosh and Wolf prayed for a day when humans would accept "monsters" Frank knew that day would never come. Even now, Wolf had said that the day had come, but he was still a little sceptical.

The gang stood outside for a bit longer. They stood like idiots for a bit before they noticed a zombie walk past. Obviously it was just a kid in a zombie costume but the monsters couldn't tell the difference.

When the zombie passed by the monsters he stopped for a minute to gaze in awe at their costumes. At first he wasn't even sure if those were actually costumes or if they were Halloween props put beside the old house as a joke.

He decided to come closer and carefully study the monsters. The monsters stood completely still as the boy approached them. They hadn't actually talked to anyone else in years so neither of them was really sure how to react when meeting someone new.

When it became apparent to the zombie that the monsters weren't robotic the zombie let out a laugh.

"Great costumes guys. For a second I almost believed that you were real monsters." The zombie laughed.

"Um... Thank you." Frank said. He wasn't sure what a costume was but what the man was saying sounded like it was meant to be a compliment.

"My name's Joey Tót. What's yours?" the zombie asked.

"I'm Milosh and this is Wolf and Frank," Milosh explained as he pointed out his friends.

"Awesome, are you going to the big Halloween party? If so you'll win the costume contest for sure!"

The monsters began to exchange glances. Then they began to form a circle and talk in whispers.

"They must be throwing a party to celebrate the fact that monsters are free!" Wolf said.

"Yeah I think you're right, Wolf." Milosh said.

"I'm not sure about this..." Frank said, "It might be a trap."

"But he's a monster too. I've always pictured that monsters don't trick other monsters." Milosh said.

"Yeah, it's like the monster bro code." Wolf added, "MBC for short."

"Fine, let's try this," Frank said, and his friends cheered.

"Yeah, I'm going to the big Halloween Party." Wolf said eagerly to Joey.

"Awesome, come on then, we need to hurry," Joey said as he began to run off in the direction of the party. The monsters followed close behind.

As they ran people began to watch the monsters in awe. Some began to point and some of the younger kids began to cry, but the monsters just ignored them and continued to run with Joey.

When Joey arrived at the party, beat red from running, he was immediately greeted by his friend Abegail. She was dressed as a princess. She had long, shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a frilly pink dress, high heels, and a tiara.

When she saw Joey walk over with the monsters she had the same expression that Joey had when he saw them.

"Wow, those are amazing costumes," She said in astonishment.

"Thank you," the monsters said in unison.

"Anyways, my name is Abegail Quickley. Welcome to my party and have a good time," she said.

The monsters started to walk in one by one. As they came in they got a lot of compliments on their costumes.

The room was dark, pop music played loud, and there was a crystal ball that hung from the ceiling. To the side there was a punch table and people were spread out and dancing all throughout the room.

Wolf's eyes widened in amazement and his tail began to wag, "This place is amazing."

"Yeah, this is pretty cool," Milosh said with a smile.

Frank just smiled half heartedly, "I'm too old for a wild party like this," he said, putting his hand on his head. He had a major headache.

Then a teenage girl ran over to Milosh. She had short brown hair with emerald green eyes and glasses. It was hard to tell at first but she was supposedly dressed as Alice from the Twilight series.

"Hey, you're kind of cute," she said, looking toward the vampire. "My name is Briana D'cruz."

"I'm Milosh," Milosh said and, letting out a faint smile.

"You know, I have a thing for vampires," she explained with a giggle.

"Well I am a vampire," Milosh flirted back.

"Wanna dance?"


The two joined hands and began to slow dance. Wolf watched them with a smile. "Those two are cute together. I guess our little Milosh has found love."

Frank rolled his eyes and began to walk toward a chair to sit down. Wolf sat next to him

"I don't know all this is just happening too soon. I mean first the revolution, now this. It all seems a little funny to me." Frank explained.

"Well I'm sure it's real."

Right at the moment Joey began to approach the monsters again. In his hands were two bottles of Pepsi.

"Here you go, guys," he said, holding out a bottle. "I only paid for one, but the pop machine gave me two for some reason. Do any of you want it?"

The two monsters looked at the drink as if they had just witnessed it fall off an alien spaceship. They had never seen anything like it before.

"What is it?" Wolf asked.

"It's Pepsi, you drink it. It's really good," Joey explained as he handed the sugar filled beverage over to Wolf.

Wolf began to look at it for a bit then he attempted to fit the bottle into his mouth.

Joey sighed and took the bottle out of Wolf's hand. He unscrewed the cap and handed the drink back to Wolf.

"You drink what's inside the bottle." Joey explained.

"Oh, that looks a lot simpler!" Wolf pointed out before taking his first sip.

As he did his eyes began to widen. He had never tried anything like this drink. He loved it.

He began to finish the drink in one giant gulp before turning back to Joey and asking for seconds.

Joey looked at him as if he was crazy, but then he shrugged his shoulders and handed Wolf his last bottle.

Wolf chugged that down too and then began to run around the party like a mad man before lying down on his back with a horrible stomach ache.

"Why am I in so much pain?" The werewolf questioned.

"It's the aftermath of a sugar rush. Your body just isn't use to that much sugar." Joey explained.

"Well can't you make it stop?" Wolf asked.


"Stay strong Wolf!" Frank demanded, trying his best to comfort his friend.

"It'll go away eventually so don't worry." Joey explained.

"That's good." Frank and Wolf both said.

After a bit of slow dancing, Milosh was beginning to get thirsty. He leaded over as if to whisper to Briana, but in actuality he just wanted to make his voice heard over the blaring of the music.

"Hey I'm kind of thirsty. Do you mind if I get something to drink?" He asked.

Brianna let out a giggle, "You don't have to ask me, silly. I'll go get you something to drink, come on let's head to the punch table."

As the two began to walk toward the table Milosh kept a keen eye on his love. She looked so lovely and he was so thirsty.

When Brianna got to the table she leaned over it to pour Milosh a drink. Milosh leaned over Brianna. Just one bite, could that really hurt?

But before he could sink his teeth into her neck Brianna turned around and handed Milosh the punch. She seemed completely unaware of the fact that he wanted to drink from her like some sort of mosquito or tic.

"Here is your punch," Brianna said with a smile as she handed him a glass.

"Thank you," Milosh said as he took the glass from her.

He took a sip. Even though it was red it didn't taste a thing like blood, but it would have to do as a substitute for now.

The party carried on for a bit longer, and then it came down to the best costume contest. For once all the judges agreed that the contest winner was a three way tie.

They called Wolf, Frank, and Milosh up to the stage one by one and they came not sure what was going on. Then the three monsters were each given a giant metal to share.

"We weren't sure who to pick so we decided that all three of you get first place this year." Abegail explained.

Wolf beamed and wagged his tail. Milosh blew kisses to the audience and waved at his girlfriend. Even Frank couldn't help but smile.

"So boys, you've been in costume all night. I've never asked this before, but I'm curious. How did you design such realistic costumes?" Abegail asked, putting her arm around Frank.

Frank stood still for a second now sure how to respond. Then he finally asked, "What's a costume?"

Suddenly Abegail got a better look at the boys and her eyes widened, "Y-you are really monsters!"

In case you are wondering this story does have a moral. Watch who you meet on Halloween night because that is the only night that a real monster can blend in, you may wind up befriending a real monster if you aren't careful.

- Phantom130 5 (October 2011)